4 Simple Steps To Delete Or Cancel Your G Suite Account

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We all know that G Suite has been playing a major role in all types of organizations. Most people use is towards email accounts and google drive. They have the best and flexible rates for all types of organizations by countries. Also, there are a lot of promoters in the market provide g suite promo codes which give 20% to 50% discount based on the country, account type and the number of users you are planning to buy.

Although G Suite has become a current buzzword in the broad field of online marketing, if you are not willing to keep it any longer, you can get rid of it by following these step-by-step guidelines. Follow the steps to delete our g suite account or to delete any user from your account.

Step 1

The very first step in deleting a G Suite account is to limit the access that former users have. If need be, you may change their passwords to prevent them from accessing a G Suite account that you are planning to delete.

While resetting its password, don’t forget to disable the two-security verification process. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to save data within the account and for others to take over different projects involved in the report.

Make sure to reset all the login cookies from the administrator screen so you can succeed in restricting the users’ access to your G Suite account.

Step 2

It’s a sin not to back up your data while deleting your G Suite account. Once you have successfully disabled your former employees from accessing your G Suite account, ensure that you download all your account data. This way, you will not lose any critical information during your transition.

Step 3

Do not forget to let someone shoulder in the responsibility of dispersing your data. This person will access your emails and shared calendars, transfer the departing users’ ownership from Google groups, etc. This executor of the soon-to-be-deleted G Suite account also needs to set up a vacation auto-responder to inform others about the departing users and the fact that they no longer be a part of your company.

Step 4

Here steps in the phase of deletion. Removing your G Suite email address will help you remove your G Suite account with ease. To ace the deal…

  • Rename the users if you have entered a wrong username
  • Cancel your G Suite account completely
  • Remove the alias of a user

Another easy yet effective way to delete your G Suite account is to cancel the subscription of your G Suite account during the 15-days renewal window.

Follow These Procedures To Delete G Suite Users

  • Click ‘setting’ in the Home Menu, then click on Email, then G Suite
  • Select the address you want to delete. The next step would be to hit the option called ‘Remove User’
  • To confirm, click ‘Remove User’ in the pop-up as well
  • Repeat this step for each mail you want to delete permanently
  • These subscriptions will no longer be shown in your next billing cycle

If you follow the aforementioned steps, you should be able to successfully delete your G Suite account for good. However, remember that Google allows you to recover deleted files that are up to 30 days old. This is why it is important to save a local copy of the account in case you don’t want to lose the files and emails permanently.


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