G Suite Pricing: How Much Does G Suite Basic & Business Cost?

The first question that comes to one's mind when they hear someone talking about g suite pricing is what is g suite? With G Suite’s increasing popularity and massive expanse of applications, it has turned into a 360-degree solution for cloud-native communication and collaborations. Modern-day businesses depend on G Suite for smoother and better workflow within corporate ecosystems. However, weighing up the right account against your requirements can be extremely exasperating.

In case you are confused, we are here to give you a thorough idea about G Suite pricing in different countries along with more than 1500 g suite promo codes if you are planning on buying. So, when you finally take the plunge, you can have a sense of satisfaction as you are making the right choice without denting your wallet.

G Suite Pricing By Countries

Country Basic Business Enterprise
Australia A$8.4/month A$16.8/month A$34/month
Belgium €5.2/month €10.4/month €23/month
Canada C$7.8/month C$15.6/month C$34/month
 France €5.2/month €10.4/month €23/month
Germany €5.2/month €10.4/month €23/month
Hong Kong HK $115/month HK $230/month  –
India INR 420/month INR 840/month INR 1650/month
Ireland €5.2/month €10.4/month €23/month
Italy €5.2/month €10.4/month €23/month
Japan ¥680/month ¥1360/month ¥3000/month
Netherlands €5.2/month €10.4/month €23/month
New Zealand $6/month $12/month $25/month
Portugal €5.2/month €10.4/month €23/month
Singapore $6/month $12/month $25/month
Spain €5.2/month €10.4/month €23/month
United Kingdom £4.6/month £9.2/month £20/month
USA $6/month $12/month $25/month

G Suite Pricing Plans

When you are setting up billing for your G Suite account, you will get two options to choose your billing plans from. Keep your own preferences and convenience in mind while narrowing down on either billing option.

Flexible G Suite Billing Plan

If you opt for the Flexible billing plan for your G Suite account, you will be billed on a monthly basis for every user account. If needed, you may include or even remove your G Suite accounts any time and make the payment only for the accounts you would like to use during that specific month.

If you are not willing to carry forward with the service, you can cancel it without paying even a single penny as a penalty. To explain the monthly-based billing process a tad better, we have chalked out the standard billing rates of G Suite account.

  • $6 to be spent per user for the G Suite basic
  • $12 to be paid for the G Suite business
  • $25 per user to be paid for G Suite Enterprise
  • $6 per user to be paid for Cloud Identity Premium

Those who choose the Flexible billing plan can enjoy the lucrative offers and amazing discounts offered by Google. This plan best suits budding organizations with variable workforce size.

Annual Plan for G Suite Billing

With the Annual Billing Plan for your G Suite account, you will be automatically committed to keeping up with the service for an entire year. For a particular portion of the annual commitment, you will be billed on a monthly basis. For G Suite Basic, you are required to pay $72 per user per year. You may often obtain some amazing country-based offers or discounted pricing for your G Suite account.

The Annual Billing Plan is highly recommended for those organizations that are backed by a constant or a soaring workforce.

How Much Does G Suite Basic, Business & Enterprise Cost?

Take a look at the following tables/charts, where we have mentioned the basic pricing for G Suite accounts. You will surely get a better idea of which plan suits you best.

Flexible Plan Annual Plan
Commitment None 1 year of service for the license bought at the beginning of the contract
Billing Cycle Monthly Monthly
Monthly Payment G Suite Basic – $6 per user G Suite Basic: $6 per license
G Suite Business – $12 per user G Suite Business: $12 per license
G Suite Enterprise – $25 per user G Suite Enterprise: $25 per license
Total Payment on Yearly Basis G Suite Basic: $72 per user G Suite Basic: $72 per license
G Suite Business: $144 per user G Suite Business: $144 per license
G Suite Enterprise: $300 per user G Suite Enterprise: $300 per license
Remove Users Yes, at any point in time Yes, as long as you don’t exceed the committed number of purchased licenses
Service Cancellation No penalty for early cancellation An amount equal to the remaining balance is charged for early cancellation

The billing plan you pick will depend on the size and variability of your workforce. The Flexible Plan might suit you the most if you own a variable workforce. The Annual Plan, on the other hand, is better for those dealing with larger workforces.

No matter which plans you select, you can always switch to another one later. You can also move from the Annual to a Flexible plan (or vice versa) at any time during the free trial period or while renewing your subscriptions. This means that switching billing plans for a G Suite account is not a hard nut to crack at all!

Regardless of whether you intend to choose the Flexible plan or Annual, make sure to compare the prices and options of both. Figure out the similarities, analyze the differences, and study the pricing structure. Finally, evaluate everything against your budget and requirement. Remember, even the most minor frictions could lead to huge discords and nasty losses later. Because there could be too much at stake, invest enough time and research in making the right choice.