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Frequently asked questions

01. I get an error “The promotion code you entered does not apply to your country/region”

G suite promo codes are unique and work only for specific countries where google has the referral program. Ex: Singapore promo code works only when you select the country Singapore and respective currency.

02. I get an error “There is an error saying that the code has expired ”

Promo codes have an expiry date which generally lasts for 6 months, you can apply promo code anytime during your trial period and if the given code gives expired error you can mail us for new code and we will give a fresh code in short time.

03. Can I apply the g suite promo code for renewal?

Yes, you can apply the code for renewal also. G suite promo code option if seen in the renewal page, then you can apply the code for renewal.

04. I see an error “The promotion code you entered is not valid for selected product” how to fix this?

G suite promo code work for ANNUAL and FLEXIBLE plan in the G SUITE BASIC only. When you take the $10 BUSINESS PLAN this code will not work because G SUITE BUSINESS PLAN PROMO CODES work only for Australia

05. Which all countries is G suite promo code applicable?

G suite promo codes work for the below countries USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Belgium

06. Where all G Suite is applicable,industries which get more benefits

G Suite works well in any industry from small scale to big but depends on the overall usage of the apps within the organization. From retail to hospitality, G suite works seamlessly providing efficient results. Many industries are now shifting to G suite for their team management.

How to use the code

Step 1

Choose your country and plan, you will find a link “Promotion Code”. Click this

Step 2

Enter or paste the promo code given by us in this field and you will see the message.

Step 3

Click Continue and your promo code is successfully applied, discount will appear in final billing.