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List Of Google Workspace Coupon Codes For 2020

Country Name Discount Type
United States 20% Basic & Business
UK 20% Basic & Business
Singapore 20% Basic & Business
Australia 20% Basic & Business
India 20% Basic & Business
Canada 20% Basic & Business
Germany 20% Basic & Business
New Zealand 20% Basic & Business
Brazil 20% Basic
HongKong 20% Basic
Mexico 20% Basic
Spain 20% Basic
France 20% Basic
Belgium 20% Basic
Netherlands 20% Basic
Portugal 20% Basic
Ireland 20% Basic
Columbia 20% Basic
Chile 20% Basic
Italy 20% Basic

Are you passionate about doing online business? Well, You don’t have to wait anymore. There are loads of online resources and tools to choose from, for your business niche.

If you are a newbie or don’t have a clear-cut idea about marketing tools, then you may end-up investing high on irrelevant tools (can say fraud). Such profit-oriented tools never meet the client's requirements and also fails to maintain the standards. The best alternative is to make use of Google’s Google Workspace that comes at reasonable prices.

What do you mean by Google Workspace?

Google Workspace has come into the life of employees, and business persons to make the workflow better, speedy and efficient by enabling Google Workspace basic features and other applications in the corporate world. It comes with the added features like emails, hangouts, calendars, google drive, google docs, google forms, and made available on mobiles - Android, iPhone, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

You can easily connect with your team members, boss, and other supporting teams through Google Workspace application. To secure the information shared between two or more group members, it uses GAME (Google Workspace Message Encryption) mechanism.

As on records, more than 3 million business people are enjoying the benefits of Google Workspace software. If you think you cannot afford the Google Workspace prices and look for discounts or deals, then its recommended going with Google Workspace Coupon Code. Google Workspace offers 14days free trial subscription.

Google Workspace Drive Encryption

All the data of Google Workspace customers is securely encrypted on a disk. This type of encryption is play a vital role for its Google Workspace security strategy.

Google Workspace Sign Up Process
  1. Just sign in to the admin console
  2. Verify your domain
  3. Individuals needs to create accounts
  4. You can easily Setup gmail and other services
  5. Migrate mail
Google Workspace Management

Google Workspace management is a google admin console. It is a place that manages all Google Workspace services safely and securely.

Why you need a Google Workspace Promo Code?

The company Google itself provides promo codes for entrepreneurs who establish small, medium and large scale businesses in different parts of the world. It is made easy for the business persons who stick to the limited budget.

Once you provide the necessary details like name, email address, mobile number, business site, and country, you will receive a promo code (check email inbox) with a discount of 20%-50% depending on the business type, pricing plan and several users.

Hurry up! Grab your Google Workspace Discount Code and start enjoying the Google Workspace benefits for your business.

Amazing Features of Google Workspace

Want to get started with Google Workspace? Here is what you require to know regarding the critical features of Google Workspace application before purchasing the plan.


Gmail is a free-mailing service developed and launched by Google on 1st April 2004. The mailing technology automatically scans, and filter out the spamming content and other malware at one go. You no need to bother about the security as it uses TLS encryption mechanism.


Calendar tool helps to check the availability of employees, associate work for different teams and also schedule the client's meetings. Once you’ve set the time and date, it will notify (make buzz sounds) until have you done with the work. Further, this tool is made compatible with mobiles, tablets, and laptops to view/edit the calendar pages as you wish.


Hangout chats make the group members collaborate efficiently to get the work done from different places. As of now, the chat is available in 28 languages and supports a maximum of 8000 members. The admins of the conversation can search, export and archive the data on computers and mobiles when required.

Google Drive

Google drive was first launched in the year 2012 to store the hundreds of files by accessing the Gmail account. At the beginning of days, the storage capacity is 1GB per user, and now it is 15GB. You can upload, store, share and control the data from anywhere anytime to 10 users or multiple users around the globe.

If you switch to a business Google Workspace profile, you probably get access to a hundred gigabytes of data (per month) by investing small amounts.

Google Spread Sheets, Slides and Documents

Another fantastic feature is that you will be given full access to documents, slides, and spreadsheets. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cloud-based architecture allow users to share information on multiple devices. It gives full freedom to create the sheets and secure the report without any hassle.

To speed up the documentation, you can use the keyboard shortcuts and reduce the need for typing (or stress on your fingers). You can give access to the team members and edit files as per the requirement.


Google Workspace offers numerous services like Gmail, documents, drive, and calendar at decent prices. If you want your business to collaborate with the Google Workspace, you must sign up with any of the basic and professional plans. Basic Google Workspace plan is suitable for a team of 10 or more in an organization (30GB-storage) and a professional Google Workspace plan for hundreds of employees with unlimited cloud storage.

Data Security

The information you share with colleagues and managers will be stored safely in the cloud platform. While the Google Workspace stores the data in Google data centers which guarantees the information is encrypted and accessed from anywhere in the world.

Collaborating with the Team

If you are using Google Workspace for a small businness to medium business and large businesses, you will undoubtedly be connected with the team to discuss the workflow, improvements, reports, and meetings. The e-mails will be of format [email protected] so that the information has not shared between unauthorized users. You will get storage of 30 GB which have twice compared to the free version. You can also connect with clients by adding up to 25 members through hangouts (video conferences).

Pros and Cons of Google Google Workspace

Google Workspace is one of the best online applications that help to increase the productivity of work among the team members. It has come with plenty of features and functionalities like documents, drive, sheets, hangouts, emails, etc. to satisfy the client's requirements. However, the efficiency of Google Workspace depends on the business type, several users and the premium plans; you must consider the pros and cons of Google Workspace before making a purchase.

Pros Cons Google Workspace Benefits for Small Business

Google Workspace Pricing Plans

The Google Google Workspace offers flexible pricing plan by targeting the small, medium and large scale business people. It has classified as basic, business, and enterprise plans depending on the customer's needs and deeds. Further, you will be charged monthly or annually depending on the subscription plan. So, before you purchase the Google Workspace subscription plan, try 14 days free version to be familiar with the features and functionalities.

Google Workspace Basic (Price- $6)

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to start a business online, then basic pricing plan might suit you. It has come with a storage capacity of 30GB along with the secured team messaging, video conferences, calendars, and shared documents. Apart from that, you will get 24*7 customer support services through phone, email, and chat. You can enjoy 20% off Google Workspace promo code instantly.

Google Workspace Business (Price- $12)

Business plan well suits for those who want to communicate with hundreds of users, and secure the data. It gives access for developers to improvise the code according to the business requirements. Moreover, the information is stored in the cloud platform of different Geo-locations (called data centers) and track the activity of users in a report format (Spread Sheets).

Business Email

Get business email and show that you're company own a professional custom email addresses. A user can start by following 3 simple steps. Firstly, sign up for Google Workspace, set up your account and send emails effortlessly. The business email is 100% safe and secure.

Google Workspace Enterprise (Price- $25)

Enterprise is a premium pricing plan with advanced controls and capabilities. It charges $25 for a user month. What so special is it can prevent data loss from Gmail, Google Drive, and controls using the crucial secured mechanism. It includes essential features like video conferencing, team messaging, shared documents/calendars and app developing environment with minimal coding. It’s the right time to upgrade your business by using Google Workspace promo code for saving upto 20% off on your software.

Annual plan Google Workspace

Annual plan Google Workspace is priced at USD 72 per user per year. It is a service that is valid for one year. Use the Google Workspace annual plan promo code to get off on your purchase.

Cost of Google Workspace in India

Google Workspace is offering three different sorts of plans. For the Google Workspace basic plan, You need to pay 210 INR, 714 INR for Google Workspace business and 1650 INR for Google Workspace enterprise plan. The basic plan supports up to 30GB of basic storage limit, Google Workspace business plan gives unlimited storage and enterprise plan has the capabilities of advanced controls.

Free Google Workspace for Startups

Google Workspace empowers several startups to grow with the same tools and infrastructure used to build Google. The new startups can take advantage of cloud credits, events and training that scales your business. All the startups can work faster and smarter by upgrading to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Australia Pricing

Recently, Google has revealed that Google Workspace Australia pricing will be raised. The primary Google Workspace and business plans will be increased up to $8.40 and $16.80 per month.

Google Workspace Basic Cost UK

Google Workspace is providing 3 plans. For the basic plan, you need to pay £4.14, £8.28 for business and £20 for an enterprise plan. You can use Google Workspace basic promo code uk for getting 20% off.

Google Workspace business promo code canada

Canada Google Workspace business basic plan starts at $7.8 per month, $15.6 for business and $34 for the enterprise plan.

Google Workspace business promo code USA

USA Google Workspace basic business plan starts at $6 per month. You need to pay $12 for the business and $25 for the enterprise plan .

Google Workspace Colombia

For the Google Workspace colombia plan, You have to pay $5.4 for Google Workspace basic, $10.2 for Google Workspace business and $25 for the Google Workspace enterprise plan.

Google Workspace Customer Support Services

The support team assists the customers in choosing the best pricing plan, product/service depending on his/her business needs and budget limitations. If you have any queries regarding Google Workspace, contact the technical team via phone calls, emails, and chat. They will come up with the best possible solution for you.

Phone Calls:- The clients can directly talk with the technical team over phone calls to resolve the issues. It is made available for Google Workspace administrator and has to log in with the details for confirmation purposes.

Live Chat:- Live chat is made easy for the visitors of Google Workspace website. They can interact with the support to know about How to use Google Workspace? How much Google Workspace charges for beginners? And start implementing on their businesses.

Emails Support:- If you want to know something about Google Workspace application where you don’t need an immediate response, then prefer contacting through emails. Once you’ve logged in, you can ask doubts (available in 14 international languages) at any time of the day.

Google Workspace Customer Service

Google Workspace is offering 24/7 support for their customers. All the user can reach through phone, email and chart support.

Google Workspace Billing Support

All the Google Workspace related subscriptions are managed in the google admin console. The individuals can change their billing email address, updating your business address, cancel a subscription and also account managed by a reseller.

Frequently asked questions

01. Can I Switch my existing Gmail account to Google Workspace?

Yes. Google Google Workspace allows the Gmail and other account holders to migrate for setting up a business account in Google Workspace.

02. Does Google Workspace offer free trial services?

Google Google Workspace has come with free 14 days trial services for new customers. By providing your details, you can create a free account in a couple of minutes and collaborate with a team of ten members.

03. Is the cost of the domain included in the Google Workspace plan?

Nope. You will be charged extra for setting up a domain name in your mail-id. It will ask you to enter the domain name during the signup process.

04. Can I use Google Workspace on smartphones?

It is possible to manage the Google Workspace applications on smartphones - Android, iPhone using the MDM (Mobile Device Management) technology. It makes things easy for the users to look for the workflow, metrics, clients meetings, etc to save the time.

05. Is my data secured in Google Workspace?

Your information is 100% secured in Google Workspace because it uses 128-bit strong AES (Advanced Encryption Standards) encryption mechanism.

06. How to set up a Google Workspace?

Start with a 14-days free trial by signing up with personal details (business website, name, email ID). If you find difficulty in setting up the Google Workspace account, contact the support which is available 24/7. Further, you can also watch the Google Workspace video tutorials and know how to access google drive, documents, calendar, Gmail, hangouts, etc., effortlessly.

07. What is the difference between Google Workspace basic and business plans?

All the essential features like Jam board, google vault, drive, spreadsheets, calendars are the same. The only difference you can see in both the basic and business plans is the pricing factor and storage capacity. The Google Workspace basic plan costs $5/month with a storage capacity of 30 GB, and a business plan costs $10/month with unlimited storage (i.e., a maximum of 1 TB per user). The basic plan provides a professional email, shared calendars, document editing and storage too. A basic plan user can get 30GB of google drive storage.

08. Where all Google Workspace is applicable,industries which get more benefits

Google Workspace works well in any industry from small scale to big but depends on the overall usage of the Google Apps within the organization. From retail to hospitality, Google Workspace works seamlessly providing efficient results. Many industries are now shifting to Google Workspace for their team management.

09. In what countries Google Google Workspace is supported?

Google Google Workspace is currently available for users in most of the countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, France, Italy,Chile, Japan, United Kingdom, Europe, the United States of America, Mexico, HongKong, Peru, Colombia, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. If you are not from any of the listed countries, you will not be able to access Google Workspace account for handling the business. All Google Workspace rights reserved and for complete details check our terms and conditions, privacy policy.

10. Which all countries is Google Workspace promotion code applicable?

Google Workspace promotion code 2020 will work for the below countries USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Belgium

11. How to apply for a Google Workspace Business Promo Code 2020?

Step by step process, First log in to the office Google's Google Workspace website i.e.admin.google.com. Now choose the plan you wish to have, basic or business plan, select your country, and currency. And after that setup the billing depending on your usage - monthly or yearly. Once you have selected the payment option, click on the Promotion code link under the pricing. You will shortly receive the promo code via email and enter the code to avail the 20 discount (monthly/annul) during the final payment option.

What are the 20 reasons why you should use Google Workspace for business?

  1. Administer your domain security in Google Workspace for business
  2. You can manage your employees, passwords accounts including groups in Google Workspace
  3. Individuals can set up email alerts that notify if something significant happens
  4. Administrators can control the geographical location of your data
  5. Add custom domains in Google Workspace business
  6. Importance of mobile device management
  7. Always keep data secure in Google Workspace for business
  8. You can remotely manage devices from one place in Google Workspace
  9. Distribute business application to employees
  10. Google Workspace comes with BYOD security
  11. Monitor sign-ins with Google Workspace
  12. User can create customised email addresses in Google Workspace for business
  13. You can even work without internet connection
  14. Google Workspace supports hangouts chat and video
  15. Get access to multiple email aliases in Google Workspace
  16. Share anything in Google Workspace effortlessly
  17. View room and resource availability in Google Workspace
  18. Just collaborate with currents in Google Workspace business
  19. You can create custom streams in Google Workspace
  20. Manage your whole data with a vault in Google Workspace

12. I get an error “The promotion code you entered does not apply to your country/region”

Google Workspace promo codes are unique and work only for specific countries where google has the Google Workspace referral program. By using these Google Workspace promotion code,you can get 20% off. Ex: Singapore promo code works only when you select the country Singapore and respective currency.

13. I get an error “There is an error saying that the code has expired ”

Promo codes have an expiry date which generally lasts for 6 months, you can apply promo code anytime during your trial period and if the given code gives expired error you can mail us for new code and we will give a fresh code in short time.

14. Can I apply the Google Workspace promo code for renewal?

Yes, you can apply the Google Workspace promo code for renewal also. You can see option at the renewal page, then you can apply the Google Workspace coupons for 5 per user only for renewal.

15. I see an error “The promotion code you entered is not valid for selected product” how to fix this?

Google Workspace promo code work for ANNUAL plan and FLEXIBLE plan in the Google Workspace BASIC only. When you take the $10 BUSINESS PLAN this code will not work because Google Workspace business promo codes work only for Australia

16. How to Delete Google Workspace Account?

To delete the Google Google Workspace account, go to settings in the homepage and then click on email and Google Workspace. Now, click on the email address of the user you want to delete. Repeat the process until you want to delete most of the Google Workspace users from the list.

How to Recovery Google Workspace Account?

  1. Firstly, you must be a super administrator to restore user data.
  2. Right from admin console homepage, go to the user list
  3. Add a filter and choose a recently deleted file
  4. You must review all confirmation notice and click continue
  5. Know how the organizational structure works
  6. Click Recover button
  7. Note: Google Workspace takes 24 hours for the change to take action

Why Google Workspace coupon codes?

With the help of Google Workspace coupon codes, each individual can get better rates and discounts. Even just by signing up to the newsletter, You can get Google Workspace coupon codes that worth of minimum 10 to 20% off.

How to apply Google Workspace coupon codes?

  1. Right after setting up cloud identity premium, just select your billing plan, then click coupon codes.
  2. Enter the coupon codes so that you can see specific terms and conditions. some of the coupon code for Google Workspace might restrict several user licenses, or require minimum monthly bill amount.
  3. Proceed to see a summary of the order. Note: coupon codes will be applied to the order amount later.

Google Workspace Referral Program Login

Just by joining the Google Workspace referral programme. You can receive $7.50 USD per every user and $750 for each business signup. All your rewards will be based on number of user who paid for at least 90 days.

How to Delete Google Workspace Account?

  1. Right in the home menu, you can see settings and click email & Google Workspace
  2. Remove the user and delete the address
  3. Repeat these steps for every email address
  4. For the next billing cycle will not show all these subscriptions

How to use the code

Enter or paste the promo code given by us in this field and you will see the message.

Enter Google Workspace Promo Code Here