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Ziffit Promo Code 2019

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10% OFF Bonus On Sale At Ziffit

Having too much stuff in your house can be very hectic. Especially the thing that has no use. This means they will occupy a large space for no apparent reason. More often than not, you may not know what to do with such kind of stuff. You may opt to burn or destroy them. From today henceforth, destroying them should not be an option. People seek to buy such things at a reasonable price, and this will benefit you a lot in terms of money and space. Ziffit offers hassle-free services to you. E-Commerce buys your books, DVDs, and CDs at a reasonable price. Their services encompass freed deliver from your home to their store.

Ziffit Introduction

Ziffit is an online shop that deals in buying used items, i.e., Books, Games, DVDs, and CDs, in a rather straightforward manner. These free online services value your items and lets you generate cash quickly. Ziffit tries to buy as many items as possible. All these services are done online. There is no physical contact unless when the couriers pick your pieces. It is simple, on the site, enter the values written on the barcode and get the value of your questions. The process is easy and quick.

The Process

The first step is to enter your bar code so that you get the value of your item. In the case of books, enter the ISBN then click on the get value icon.  This will generate the amount of money you get for each item you intend to sell. In some cases, Ziffit will make an offer. After getting the value, you securely pack all the things. Ensure that they are protected then seal the box.

The free service courier will come to pick the items or use the drop off services. When you choose to use the drop off services, drop the items at a local collect store: Is an option when your items weigh less than 15 kgs. After the goods are received, you will receive your payment through PayPal, cheque or by instant cash voucher. That’s how simple the process is!

In cases where your items might be faulty or damaged, you will be informed immediately. In that case, a revised quote will be provided to you if it is necessary. Ziffit aims at getting the best prices for your old stuff without much hype and hustle.

You can also download the mobile phone app from Google play and use it to scan the barcodes. The app is super-fast in examining the bar code, has instant pricing, and it is easy to use.

Why Do I Suggest Ziffit?

Quick payments and immediately your items are received, they will be checked, and you get your payment directly via PayPal, bank transfers, instant cash voucher or cheque. With such a hassle-free method, then it’s the better option. There are neither charges nor auctions involved in the process. You get an instant quote on your old item once you enter the barcode. That is the simplest way to de-clutter your house. Besides, the process is faster, free as well as easy to carry out- gather items, enter barcode then click value; you will get the quote. Pack your details for delivery!