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WHSmith Discount Code 2019

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20% OFF On WHSmith Personalized Wedding Stationery

Are you a fan of reading? Between magazines, newspapers, and books, which is your favorite? You know the average price of each, if you are an ardent reader, right? WHSmith offers you excellent deals when you purchase from them. With the WHSmith coupon code, you get discounts. Directly apply the code when you buy. You are liable to a 20% discount for purchases you make at WHSmith. This way you save a lot. And what more?

Why is WHSmith The Best?

WHSmith is world-known for its vast range of reading and entertainment material. This store brings to you the most captivating magazines, newspapers, and books. Reading opens up your minds to new ideas, and you can view the world from a new perspective, right? Therefore, WHSmith products can be said to be promoting reading culture. What is your favorite music? Do you play Video Games? WHSmith is home for entertainment. You can listen to your favorite music, play your favorite games and read your kobo eReaders all at affordable rates.

Besides, you get the best cabinets to keep your books, magazines, and newspapers. WHSmith has partnered with numerous organizations, which has seen it expand tremendously over the years.  Currently, it boasts of over 600 stores in the high street and other 600 stores in prime locations such as hospitals, airports, and motorways in the UK. This trend has also been replicated in parts of Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.


If you love reading, music, video games and computers, trust me you are at the right place. You can view the products by category, i.e., including magazines, books, stationery, cards, gifts & hobbies, photo album & frames, toys & games, entertainment, computing & electrical, furniture, Kobo eReaders, and eBooks. Is the range of products just amazing?

Special Edition Books

These books are meant to represent something special. It features two types of books, i.e., signed books and special edition books. The author signs signed books. What are these books good for?

  • Gifting a loved one
  • Giving your bookshelf an outstanding look

Signed books give you a chance to feel closer to your favorite author. What unique features does the special edition come with?

  • Exclusive covers
  • Never seen before content

These books cover an area like biographies, food, fiction, education, etc. Typical examples are Hinch Yourself Happy – Signed Edition and Between The Lines- Signed Edition by Michael Carrick.

WHSmith Amaya Birds Magazine File

How difficult do you find to store your magazines? The Amaya Birds Magazine File helps you to organize your documents, brochures, magazines, etc., with ease. Its boxlike shape makes it easier to place your documents with ease. The Following features are as follows:

  • Material – sturdy cardboard
  • Style-worthy Pink Lining
  • Spacious
  • Bird patterned


Each item comes at a specific price. But one thing is for sure; low prices. Keep in mind; there are discounts which you get by applying the WHSmith coupon code on any purchases you make. Browse the WHSmith web page for more information.

Why Do I Suggest WHSmith?

If you are in love with reading, you must knowWHSmith. Why? They are everywhere. They are captivating as well as special edition books bring you closer to the authors. Besides, the range of products you get from this store is just fantastic. Their online store is well organized to enable you to find whatever you are looking for, at affordable prices, thanks to the WHSmith coupon code that allows you to get discounts, thus saving.