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Webinarjam Discount 2019

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WebinarJam Introduction

In case you're a manager in a highly successful company, or leading the Human Resource department, keeping up with technological progress is key. Forget gathering ten people in one room for the conference, and having one or two of them be late or cancel altogether because of various circumstances. WebinarJam allows you to hold a conference without any worries about the quality of the video, stuttering, comment spam and errors, and many other technical issues that arise with Skype and other services.

Why is WebinarJam Best?

It simply creates just a professional environment of multiple people listening at the same time and achieving results based on the meeting. Additionally, it solves the problem of traveling multiple hours, postponing the schedule and waiting for others to arrive. You can all connect instantly, via your personal computer, anywhere in the world and follow the Webinar that's intended. FastComet is the best solution for cloud hosting. Get 20% discount using FastComet Coupon.


Very Flexible And Works With Social Media

WebinarJam is built for every purpose – whether you'd like to stream your meeting directly onto Facebook or Youtube, and even other services. The other option is to keep the webinar strictly private, for members only with a password protection.

Add a Virtual Whiteboard, Draw a Poll, Add Media

It's just like a regular meeting you would hold but with a technology boost. The service allows for adding a virtual whiteboard you can draw on, or even drag media from your computer and have everyone see it at the same time to stay updated. Additionally, asking questions and drawing polls from the members of the webinar is very much needed in order to get feedback or answers.

Communicate And Record

Apart from polls, the WebinarJam chat is active at all times, or at a time you decide to allow it, usually at the end of the presentation. You can respond personally or use built-in autoresponse messages to questions, and finally – record the full meeting for safekeeping and the ability to re-watch it at a later date.



The base service they offer is a full access to all the features so you can start your own WebinarJam withing a circle of people you want to attend it. The ability to control every part of it is on your side, so you can use presets or customize every part of it to make sure nothing goes awry.

Join An Active or Scheduled Webinar

Of course, you don't have to organize your own – WebinarJam allows you to choose and attend to hundreds of webinars other people organize on various topics. In most cases, attending is free of charge, but the spaces are limited, so you'd have to be quick.


In all honesty, purchasing their services is far from cheap. There are two payment plans – if you decide to pay at once you'll have to pay around $480 per year in order to get all the features. However, if you decide to pay three times a year, every third month, you can split the payments to about $190 per three months, equaling around $570.


As you have just read, getting a full set of features of WebinarJam is in no way cheap, but it's not extremely expensive either. People pay for phones two or three times more every year, and if you're a business owner, or a person looking to expand their brand, investing this much a year for potential profits and influence and reach you'll achieve among customers is a very small price to pay. If you want fully managed hosting service visit TMDHosting. Grab the latest discount using TMDHosting Promo Code.