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WebHostFace Coupon 2019

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WebHostFace Introduction

Planning to launch your website? Or want to create your own?

Choosing the ideal web hosting services for your soon-to-be-launched website or blog may sometimes prove to be tough considering that you have to choose from several web hosts (with some offering sub-standard services).

Whether you’re creating or launching your website, the main concern remains—the cost of running the website. Other than the cost, you need to consider reliability, scalability, security and additional features—as these greatly determine the performance of your site.

Remember, the best services always attract higher prices—but how affordable is your web host?—this is just one of the questions you’ll be asking yourself. WebHostFace answers all that by offering you reliable, affordable, fast, and secure web hosting services that guarantee your site’s performance with the cosmic online presence. By using WebHostFace coupon have shared hosting plan with multiple Domains Hosted and Free Encrypt SSLs.

Why Choose WebHostFace?

WebHostFace offers you the ultimate speed for enhanced website performance through its cutting-edge technology accelerators and cachers. You get to host your site in your preferred data center location which is constantly monitored to ensure the security and efficiency of the servers hence a guarantee for utmost uptime.

WebHostFace offers you 24/7 support with all its services which include:

Shared Hosting

It’s affordable, convenient, and efficient. WebHostFace’s SSD shared hosting offers you cost-effective and reliable shared hosting solutions for your site or blog.

You get peace of mind knowing that your web hosting is managed by highly skilled and professional experts, thus giving you the convenience to run your web business.

WebHostFace’s shared hosting allows you to customize your website using the user-friendly Control panel tools available. This implies that you can use it to manage a range of programs including checking your site statistics and even uploading files and images.

Get free hosting extras and maximum uptime with any of the shared hosting plans.

webhostface shared hosting

Reseller Hosting

Planning to start a reseller hosting business? WebHostFace reseller hosting offers you a risk-free hosting experience with high-end security for the safety of all customer accounts.

The inexhaustible reseller hosting platform (rich in resources—ample storage space and bandwidth) means sufficient server resources for you and your clients and this creates room for your business’ growth.

You also gain complete control over your reseller resources—implying that you have the freedom to determine the approximate number of resources for the plans you intend to offer to your clients. Of course, this comes with a 100% support from our able team of professionals (just in case you need it).

Customize your site to your desired features using the white label cPanels and Web Hoster Manager (WHM).  Choose your reseller hosting plan today and start earning money by providing hosting services to an unlimited number of client accounts while also providing them with unique and affordable domain names.

webhostface reseller hosting

VPS Hosting

Want to personalize your server, cut down on costs, and increase usability? Get all these and much more with WebHostFace’s scalable SSD VPS Hosting packages which include:

Flexibility—Get the freedom to choose your preferred operating system and software to be installed on the server.

Get uninterrupted operations considering the abundance of server resources. Unlike in shared hosting, you get to download, upload files or basically operate your business with no slow moments which could otherwise be caused by the huge traffic on other users’ websites.

The VPS full and out-of-the-box setup enables you to easily and efficiently manage any of your projects considering the available different control management tools

Technology—Get the adequate backup for all your data.

Regardless of the VPS plan you choose, you’re guaranteed of utmost uptime and reliability considering that all the WebHostFace’s VPS plans use OpenVZ (the number one server virtualization and hypervisor management platform with a classic performance).

The RAID virtualization technology makes it possible to replicate data thus preventing cases of unrecoverable data.

Server Monitoring—Get guaranteed security with our actively monitored network (which applies to all our data centers regardless of the location) and hardware which ensures the safety of all servers—this implies that the server is secure from virtual threats, DDoS attacks, and any other form of threat.

Choose your VPS Hosting plan (all plans come with 24/7 technical support).

webhostface vps hosting

Dedicated Servers

Having your own private server is one way of ensuring enhanced performance, security, and flexibility owing to the abundance of resources and complete hosting freedom.

Experiencing huge traffic on your site? Then get WebHostFace Dedicated Server that guarantees maximum uptime among other benefits including:

Flexibility—WebHostFace Dedicated server hosting offers you a customizable server environment –where you gain full control of your server; implying that you get to completely manage your private machine which also includes root and shell access.

Configure your machine to suit your needs considering the unlimited customization freedom.

Out-of-the-Box Setup—Get started right away (without any additional setups) with WebHostFace’s ready-to-use Dedicated server that comes with the latest Apache, CentOS, DNS and Exim mail server. But note that this doesn’t restrict you to the use of this setup since you can order a different setup and additional tools like cPanel and WHM.

Choice of Data Centre—you have the freedom to choose your preferred data center location where you’d like your private dedicated server to be located. The data centers are monitored 24/7 by the data center administrators and the BMS control thus guaranteeing security and efficiency.

Security—WebHostFace uses in-house monitoring system and experienced administrators to monitor all its web hosting services hence an assurance of double security for your server—eliminates any form of threats.

Hardware Support—having enterprise projects or planning to embark on email marketing? Get WebHostFace’s Managed Dedicated Server solutions that come with 24/7 support with guides and advice on your preferred setup regardless of the operating system you choose.

webhostface dedicated servers

Order your dedicated server today and get ISPmanager Control Panel 1 month FREE.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Everyone desires business success—this implies hard work, dedication, reliability, among many other factors. These are what define WebHostFace Managed WordPress Hosting which offers numerous benefits including:

Reliable WP Assistant—to offer you support with security-related matters, SEO, performance audits, and any other concern you may have.

WP Speed and Performance—Get maximum speed and performance for your site considering the Pure SSD hosting, PHP 7, WP optimized servers, and Google PageSpeed; that blend with our over 5 years’ experience on Managed WordPress hosting to give your business the growth you desire.

WP Security and Technology—your WP website security is guaranteed considering the regular security scans, free SSL, multiple-layer server protection, among many other security measures in place.

Custom WP Themes and Plugins—get any additional plug-ins you may need for the successful completion of your project.

Choose your Managed WP SSD hosting plan

webhostface managed wordpress hosting

Domain Services

Register your domain name today for FREE and get amazing features when you use WebHostFace—the features include:

Free Setup for all Registered Domains—Have your domains associated with your hosting account and get them pointed to our DNS zone for free. You can also set them to open a preferred number of websites (at a time)—all these for free.

Get Automatic Domain Renewal—ensure the continued presence of your brand through the automatic domain renewal service.

Multiple Emails—create and associate an unlimited number of emails to your domain name(s).

Convenience—easily manage your domain name and hosting from your client area—in one place.

Flexible DNS Zones—set records on your website, email or redirects using the simple and easy-to-use DNS management tools.

Select your hosting plan today and get a FREE domain name.

webhostface domain services

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates

Ensure the safety of your customers online as they browse the internet. Use Private SSL and gain their trust considering the high-level encryption exhibited by Private SSL Certificates.

Increase your Google ranking today by choosing your Private SSL

Standard SSL

This is basically the Domain Validated SSL. It provides high-quality 2048-bit signatures with 2048 bit encryption of the private key.

Get domain validated SSL for a secure data and site seal for all your browsing as well as that of your clients.

WildCard SSL

No need for any additional certificates—get to use the SSL even on your first-line sub-domains thus saving you the cost of buying and installing a new certificate.

Extended Validation SSL

Gives you the highest-quality 2048-bit encryption (meaning highly advanced privacy), exclusive security certificate for your company, and many other benefits; considering that it is the most secure and reliable certificate.

webhostface ssl certificates


A website plays a crucial role in your business—it makes your business visible to the world thus essential in revenue generation. Give it the maximum exposure using WebHostFace—one of the most reliable, affordable, and secure web hosts. Hence with WebHostFace Coupon have VPS hosting with Free Domain, Private SSL, and Dedicated IP. Create it—build it—host it—and launch it to the world (your website). All these with WebHostFace.