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WebFaction Coupon 2019

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WebFaction Introduction

With the Internet being spread worldwide, and new websites popping up left and right, it's hard to stand out from others. Add a variety of hosting companies and services they offer, and deciding on a certain one is even harder. Whether you're a developer yourself or looking to start out a website and hire someone, you need a storage for your files and processing power. Choosing WebFaction for those services won't be a mistake since you can choose exactly the plan you like.

Why is WebFaction The Best?

The service you will receive will be exactly the one you require. No more purchasing more expensive payment plans because cheaper one doesn't fit. On top of that, all the servers use CentOS 7 and have pre-installed tools for popular programming languages and even one-click installation for popular website builders and back-end applications like Django, Node.js, and WordPress. This means you won't have to waste time learning new things or waiting and figuring things out.


Managed And Updated Servers

Web Faction constantly monitors all of the servers in the data center, which ensures quick patches and fixes, and almost 100% uptime. Your data will be safe and secure from intrusion, and choosing cloud storage will let you utilize more of the processing power and faster data transfer along with larger storage capabilities.

Great Customer Support, E-Mail Hosting

Since there were 200.000 apps already hosted via Web Faction, the support has gained a lot of experience in working with people and solving all problems as they come up. This assures many customers of their professionalism and expertise and is exactly the reason the number of users is constantly rising. On top of that, you'll, of course, be able to manage all your emails, DNS records and databased for your website.



This is by far the cheapest solution, and perfect if you're just starting out. It does include sharing resources with other people on the same server, like CPU power, and bandwidth. However, you'll receive 100GB of SSD storage and 1GB of RAM, which is enough for a startup.


Going cloud allows you to take control of the full machine, and remove influence from other people. There are five payment plans for you to choose from, and they progressively get better when it comes to the amount of RAM, storage on the SSD, CPU cores and bandwidth. The lowest one starts at 2GB of RAM, 1 CPU core, 15GB of SSD storage and 1.5TB of bandwidth, which is enough for most people. The highest is meant for websites with hundreds of thousands of visitors, and provide an 8-core processor, 24GB of RAM, 360GB of storage on the SSD, as well as 5TB of bandwidth.


As do technical specs, the prices progressively get higher, which is logical. However, they're far from expensive, and most users consider them a steal deal. For example, the shared plan will only cost 10$ a month, while going solo on Cloud plans will cost anywhere between $20 a month for the lowest plan and $240 monthly for the plan with the best technical capabilities. AvaHost provides the best reliable and cheap web hosting. Get a 30% discount using AvaHost Coupon.


Owning and operating a website can be a hard task if you're not tech savvy and didn't attend a course or choose to minor or major in it. However, many companies like Web Faction provide all you'd ever need, so you can completely focus on designing and adding information of value to your visitors. Whether it's a blog or an online store you've had planned, this company will provide a great foundation to start making dreams a reality. Webinarjam provides the best powerful webinar hosting software. Get a 33% discount using Webinarjam Discount.