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WANDRD is for the ones that like to live life on the edge, for those who love to travel and for those who love their adventures. Wandrd was born with an idea to help people step out of their monotony and step into the real world; experience new things and explore new destinations.

Wandrd supports people that are out there traveling and living a new life every day with all their carrying needs. Wandrd has a list of durable bags to choose from. Since Wandrd was an idea of people who are passionate about photography, it started with camera bags and then eventually they were more. A different bag for a different necessity. 

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Check out the following list of Wandrd bags and get yourself one of these durable travel companions for your next adventure.

Wandrd Prvke Series

Meet Wandrd’s award-winning bad, Wandrd Prvke. The bag is a massive hit among the masses regarding its innovative design. It is a travel-friendly and a camera-friendly bag that can accommodate all the things you need during your travels. Provoke series come water-resistant, lightweight and with a laptop sleep. The material used to make these bags is light in weight, mostly helping you with carrying the bag around with ease.

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Wandrd Prvke 21

Wandrd Prvke is now available in 21 liters. The minimalist bag comes with all the things you need in a bag, has compartments for all your items and is water resistant. The nylon dobby material helps you with the lightweight making your carrying easy.

Wandrd Prvke 31

Wandrd Prvke is now available in 31 liters. So if you are planning a for a long journey this bag should be ideal travel support. This bad is made to fit all your requirements and can meet all your versatile needs and do a lot more than you could imagine.

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The Wandrd Duffels

Wandrd Duffel

Your traditional duffel bags get a Wandrd twist. A dedicated travel bag that is carefully designed to meet all your requirements no matter where you go. Th HEXAD Access Duffel comes with clamshell opening and multiple compartments. Your camera and laptop also get special sleeves.

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Wandrd HEXAD Carryall Duffel

The Wandrd Hexad Carryall Duffel is ideal for all your carry needs. This Duffel featured a special “catch-all” compartment, padded laptop sleeve, and many other versatile products. Yes, it is lightweight, and you will travel like never before along with this high-quality duffel bag backpack.

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