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Ulla Labs Coupon 2019

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Ulla Labs Introduction

Ulla Labs is a company that was founded in 2015. Ulla is a tool that plays an imperative role in the life of its users. It’s a wellness tool that helps a person record less fatigue, obesity, weak immune systems, and headaches by allowing him or her to drink the best and most recommended amount of water per day.

Ulla was more of a tool that was supposed to respond to the numerous health concern systems that evident in our modern society. Typically, many people think that they drink enough water, but once you purchase the Ulla gadget, you will learn that you are supposed to drink much more before reaching the 3 liters per day optimum.

The gadget uses a drink detection technology, proximity technologies, ambient technologies to ensure that you are reminded and motivated to hydrate your body regularly with a visible alert. With the device, you will understand that water is life as it has been said in medical circles.

Why is Ulla Labs Best?

  • Ulla labs is a unique company that is willing to do anything to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle which translates to you being more productive.
  • The Ulla device is one that is available at a very reasonable price. Actually, if you were to buy it today, you could enjoy a 30% discount off the list price.
  • The devices are available in numerous colors such as blue, pink, white and black among others
  • Its battery is long-lasting. It can go for up to 6 months before you can replace it


Attach Ulla

This one of the features of this incredible device. Once you purchase the product from the company’s store or online platform, you get a chance of attaching it to your bottle of drinking water. Many people tend to use bottles of different shapes, and the Ulla devices can be used in any of them. The device is well attached to the bottle that you are using to drink your water and it cannot fall off.


Many people would love always to stay healthy. However, with time they forget issues such as drinking enough water and that is where the Ulla device comes in to rescue you. The device will always give you hour buzzers that will remind you it is time to take water. And, that way you will not fail to take the optimum required amount of water by the end of the day. Ulla will always remind you if you forget.

Great Appearance

The Ulla devices are always attractive. Once you attach them on your bottle, you will not look cumbersome or unstylish. The device has a unique and cute shape that will actually improve the physical nature of the bottle itself. You can use the device in the office or at home. I have this device, and I can swear its blue like the color has always made my water bottles more beautiful. You should purchase your today.


I have been using a blue Ulla Labs device for seven months now. The device changed my water drinking lifestyle. I often thought I was taking the right amount of water every day but the device proved me wrong. Today I live a healthy lifestyle and if you want to improve your life, buy a Ulla Labs water tracking device. Thank you!