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Tailwind Introduction

Tailwind is the official Content Marketing Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner throughout the globe. They began using Pinterest way back in 2011 for their marketing solutions in the quest to develop BridesView.com. Then, Tailwind went by the name PinLeague. They started gathering information by asking how they could use Pinterest to identify brides to be and organize their weddings.

Soon, they achieved success and this prompted their colleagues and friends to want help in creating similar intuitions. As the demand increased, Tailwind decided to launch one of the best Pinterest analytics and marketing arenas to accommodate every person. The company has since then depended on their users to establish new directions and master a few facts. One, what happens on Pinterest does not necessarily determine its return on investment, and leveraging concepts across multiple marketing platforms and organizations is a great way of maximizing results.

Why is Tailwind Best?

Tailwind is committed to ensuring customers get value for their investment. The world today is fast becoming more transparent and this company is committed to moving with the time to enhance service delivery. They have a dedicated team of professionals whose mandate is to ensure that advertising is effective for both marketers and consumers.

The company seeks to empower their staffs to ensure they add value to customer expectations. The team is motivated enough to adore what they do. This is critical when it comes to efficient service delivery for enhanced customer satisfaction. Tailwind has experienced tremendous growth over the years thanks to their customer needs which have enabled them to think broadly while focusing on the bigger picture.

Today, Tailwind prides itself on serving more than 200,000 globally successful brands as well as approximately 400 leading agencies. The company is a strong believer in transformation through social intelligence and interaction. Even after such success, Tailwind believes that the best is yet to come. And with the technological advancements happening every day, we can only brace ourselves for more efficient solutions in the future.


Tailwind gives you various features to choose from as seen below.

Smart Pinterest Scheduling

This toolkit is ideal for you if you are a small business entrepreneur or blogger. It gives you automatic access to optimized pinning calendar which publishes your Pins at the most opportune time. This ensures that they are seen by most of your audience. It comes with power tools which help you save massive time. They include; bulk upload, multi-board pinning, and the drag and drop calendar.

Analytics & Reporting

This feature enables users to gauge their Pinterest return on investment as well as monitor their success. You can achieve this by, measuring engagement trends, followers, category, and Pin virality. Additionally, users can monitor KPI (key performance indicators) to establish whether their strategy is practical.

Content Marketing

Great content is a powerful marketing concept when it comes to Pinterest. Tailwind has robust content marketing tools to help users create convincing visual content. Other features include Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest monitoring. HubSpot provides the best inbound marketing and sales software. Get a 25% discount using HubSpot Discount.


Businesses need to adopt effect marketing methods in order to increase their return on investment and stay ahead of their competitors. Using Tailwind is an ideal way of using the available social media platforms to maximize your results.