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StudioPress Review

StudioPress is here to help you with your WordPress websites. Plan and design your websites according to your personal or business site requirements. StudioPress not only is the platform to find the ideal WordPress template for your website but it also combines SEO, design, performance, security, and support. StudioPress has over 200,000 happy customers, 500,000 WordPress sites powered by Genesis Network and 10,000 active community members and Genesis developers.

Jump aboard the StudioPress express and enjoy all the different and easy-to-use features such as StudioPress Sites Hosting, Premium WordPress Themes, and Genesis Framework. Check out what StudioPress has to offer today!

StudioPress Genesis Framework

Genesis is the pillar of any smart WordPress design. The Genesis frame is the SEO, Search Engine Optimized. Your website is the face of your company, you spend a lot of time planning it, designing it, creating content for it and making it look good! And of course, you would want your website to rank well. You want your website to be well received by the search engines so your readers, customers, and clients can find you easily.

Not only Genesis helps your website rank well in the search engines but it also supports platforms such as code, which lets you to output microdata in your site’s code. This will in return help with the growth of your business by taking the search engine optimization a step ahead. The Genesis Framework has mastered the basics of a really good SEO. If you are building a new website you must definitely look into the Genesis Framework. Read more about Genesis Framework. 

Creating a site with StudioPress

StudioPress makes it easy to build websites, not just any website but visually appealing websites. You can start off building your website by choosing a plan that fits your budget. StudioPress offers only one easy price and there are absolutely no additional costs. StudioPress also offers a couple of different plans with different features for you to choose from.  Click here to see all StudioPress Features.


The Content plan is ideal for bloggers, podcasters and writers cost about $24 per month. By choosing to pay annually you can save $27 on your bill. Click here to Save on Annual Billing.


The Commerce plan is perfect for extra performance for membership plans and e-commerce websites and only for $33 per month but if you get to save $47 by choosing the annual payment plan. Click here to Save on Annual Billing.


The synthesis plan works perfectly with websites that attract high-traffic, and plain-rich sites. The synthesis plan is about $41 per month, you can save $47 per month by paying the bill annually. Click here to Save on Annual Billing.

Studio Press Themes

StudioPress has a ton of themes listed out for you. Check out the list of classy looking designs that are integrated with Genesis Framework. So, not only you can make your website look good but you can also make your website rank well in the major search engines.

Academy Pro Theme + Genesis Framework


Get started with your online training business the clever way. Explore all the different ways on how you can build a profitable training business. Get the theme and start using it in no time, set up the commerce system with a few clicks and customize the theme according to your taste and do ore only for $129.95

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Authority Pro Theme + Genesis Framework


Authority Pro theme is ideal for anyone that needs to have their knowledge highlighted, along with years of experience. And for the ones who are on a journey towards building trust. The hand-crafted design plays an important role in bringing you followers, only for $129.95

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Monochrome Pro Theme + Genesis Framework


There is nothing more satisfying than monochromes. If your business is serious and creative at the same time, this theme can come in handy for you. Get a website that is both substantial and simple only for $ 129.95

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Business Pro Theme + Genesis Framework


The theme’s business is your business. Whatever it might be but this theme is ideal for setting up a tone for your product and services. The Business Pro theme is simple but flexible, it takes complete advantage of the core-functionality of WordPress and more for $129.95

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Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme + Genesis Framework


Visually comforting and pleasing, the Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme is best for wellness websites. Be it healthy food recipes, fitness or any other lifestyle. Choose from the wide range of layouts and image choices and start building your own lifestyle website for $129.95

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Foodie Pro Theme + Genesis Framework


The title gives it all, the Foodie Pro theme is for the ones that love to cook and share their cooking and their recipes with the world. Foodie Pro theme adopts a minimalist approach that helps give your website a visually pleasing edge, and all of this only for $129.95

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Gallery Pro Theme + Genesis Framework


The Gallery Pro theme is full of life. The use of pastel colors and the placement of the elements give your photography site the ideal look. Create your own website for $129.95 and within a few click. It's time to start sharing your photographs with the world.

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Infinity Pro Theme + Genesis Framework


Looking for a push to take your online business to the next step? Then Infinity Pro theme can help you out with how your website looks like and help increase visibility in search engines with the integration of Genesis Framework. Get this theme only for $129.95

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Studio Pro Theme + Genesis Framework


The Studio Pro theme is for those in the creative field, if you are a design-oriented business then the Studio Pro theme creates the perfect platform for you to showcase all your works and portfolio in one good looking design. Get the theme for $129.95

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Final Words

And the list goes on. If you are building a new website or making edits to you're existing website on WordPress, make sure to check out the themes and plans on StudioPress and learn more about the Genesis Framework can help fetch you more visitors or customers.




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