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Spacial Coupon Code 2019

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Spacial Introduction

If you want to convey the message, communicate your thoughts to the world through radio, then you don't have to work for some one's radio. Yes, I am not crazy I am talking about your own radio broadcasting setup. Spacial gives you access to various products through which you can stay alive and online to your follower 24/7 with music, messages, and thoughts that will change the world in seconds.

10 years ago the Spacial team realized the internet revolution and the endless possibilities with radio is coming soon. So to give the freedom and power of expression in hands of people they launched this SAM broadcaster radio automation software. After the launch, they also added DJ software and a live audio encoder to assist music geeks with fulfilling their dreams.

Why is Spacial The Best?

Spacial does not only gives the broadcaster radio automation power to the owner, it also comes with various software and features to enhance your expression through music and sound effects. I see endless possibilities with this software system. The broadcasting and the DJing community loves this software. Triton is Spacial’s parent company and it gives the company and its client access to online streaming to increase the revenue across the globe.

There are 2 packages for the radio broadcasters and the company compares the packages to make easier for the clients to choose their custom broadcaster as per their need and budget. You can also pimp your radio station with their certified affiliate software that is trusted nowadays with most of the radio stations across the globe. DJ pool, Music radio and many more.


The SAM broadcaster radio is available in multiple options for the clients with its 24/7 online streaming and cloud radio features. The customer gets multiple options to choose from clubbed with packages and SAM DJ software to support the DJ and online background music requirements. Its compatible with windows software and the clients can get stats and reports to the listener's data. The radio software that is designed especially for schools captures and follow the rules and regulations as per the USA laws for academic sector radio broadcasting.


  • Report and Stats
  • 24/7 cloud radio
  • online streaming
  • Music background
  • Free Trial

The most important feature that will help you to utilize your radio broadcasting productively is the stats and reports that will help you generalize the traffic and listeners activity. The radio is available with live streaming powered by Triton 24/7. If you are present or not the radio will function with the playlist and preset programming features along with the background music. The user can access the free trial radio station and then if satisfied can buy the package. Please refer the screenshots below to get the pricing options.


If you have a dream and want the people to follow it then get this radio broadcasting to turn your dream into the life story that people can hear. You can make a world with endless opportunities and fill the sound and music that people across the globe can imagine and listen. Get this software today to discover your dream. The packages are very affordable to start with the advanced functions of cloud radio.