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SourceCoast Discount 2019

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SourceCoast Introduction

Get your website upgraded with the services source coat is offering. Nowadays, owning a site has become a fashion statement for many of us, which includes the youngsters too. All of them are made for different purposes but handling it is not that easy, the tough part for some is to share it with a larger crowd. For that, there are websites offering social network extensions, which enables people to be heard in a huger crowd.

Everyone wants their site to get the maximum viewers for business or any blog. If could share your posts on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others, wouldn’t it be amazing? Well then, Source Coat is a website that works with Joomla only and offers multiple extensions for social networks. In this way, it can make your website visible to more people at once, as it will be easy to share the post with many people in one click. This site offers excellent documentation and a forum to discuss your problems.

Why is SourceCoast Best?

Source Coast has a very powerful hand on the Joomla, which makes it easy to use any types of services offered by them. The only thing that you need to do is to spread the word, and they will take care of the rest.

Source Coast is a six months subscription program, and if one wants to continue, they can get the same thing with 30% off. Also, if someone is not satisfied, you can easily get back your money as they have the 30-day money back guarantee. Shape5  provides the best responsive professional Joomla Template and WordPress Themes for your next website. Grab the latest discounts using Shape5 coupon.


Well, source coast has two types of main services that are offered. One of them is the JFBconnect, this allows users to install the social widgets on their website, handles and enables to share the activities ran on your site to the user’s timeline, send a customised invitation to many people at once and other than that it allows your activities to be shared automatically on all your social webs.

The other main service that is provided is the SC login; this enables the site to allow people from signing in through their facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts. With this, it gives a feature of customizing your login options, horizontally or vertically and has a feature of a pop up that can show on any size of the page. It has a security step for people using your site by, adding a two-factor authentication that changes every 30 seconds. The third service provided by the website is to connect with the software sandy, which allows you to send many emails at a lesser rate.


It is a small company but has been running for 20 years, and with that, ten out thousand websites are using its extensions. The website itself is very helpful as everything is on it and there is a support option which allows you to connect with them and seek more about them. JoomlaShine provides Hi-Quality Joomla 3.x Templates & Extensions. Grab the latest discounts using JoomlaShine Coupon.