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SocialEngine Coupon Code 2019

SocialEngine is award-winning social networking software. Grab the latest socialengine coupon code and start creating your social media platform.

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SocialEngine Introduction

SocialEngine was founded by Charlotte Genevier and Alex Benzer. The founders found out about the social interests of the users of social media platforms and started to build the software way before anyone thought of the idea. SocialEngine acquired 10,000 customers in first fours year for its SocialEngine PHP product. It powers tech giants like Apple, EA, MasterCards, NASA, and Shell. In 2011, the company released SocialEngine Cloud for individuals and companies who want to instantly launch online community without any added responsibility to the company or team about hosting and administration.

SocialEngine is an award-winning social networking software. Easily build your own social network or social media website using SocialEngine PHP or Cloud Service. If you are starting a new online community, you need more than a forum or a blog to maintain the quality and relation with your customers and clients.

SocialEngine PHP

You can create your own social network or social media website using SocialEngine PHP. You get full access to source codes that for creating the template. You get an option to choose from hundreds of third-party plugins and themes. You can also host your website or network with SocialEngine. SocialEngine PHP provides you a simple but powerful template that you can customize on your own. You own the network as you get full access to the codes so you would not see any third-party adverts on your website. They have multiple social frameworks to choose from. Select your desired framework and decide how your members will connect with you. Page layouts, drag & drop, add or develop plugins with the help of SocialEngine PHP.

SocialEngine Cloud

Create your own online community in minutes with SocialEngine Cloud. With full reliability and support from the company, you get a dedicated support and scalability. You have the option to pay as you grow, You can also create your own social media websites like Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Full access to its API gives you a control over your content and community to help understand the behaviors of your audience and easy configuration with other mainstream networks.

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