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SmartFoneStore Discount Code 2019

Grab the latest smartfonestore discount code and get Apple iPhone SE 16GB - Gold - Unlocked (Any network) for £129.99 Only . Read the latest review, know about the products & services, features, pricing, coupon, promo code and more.

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Apple iPhone SE 16GB At £129.99 On SmartFoneStore

Your smartphone or tablet does not have to be new to perform optimally. A well maintained and factory reset tablet or smartphone can still function properly. Finding a genuine dealer is equivalent to finding your best performing smartphone. How do you find such a dealer? Reading reviews from online sources. This coupled with the types of products stored in a particular store will give you the direction. SmartFoneStore is such an online store that deals in such smartphones and tablets and sells them at highly discounted prices. Besides, SmartFoneStore offer £129.99% discount on all its smartphones, tablets and watches. Do not hesitate to get your discount with the SmartFoneStore coupon code.

SmartFoneStore Introduction

SmartFoneStore is an online store that deals in the sales of used smartphones and tablets. The products sold are all tested and proved to be functional. They are factory reset, thoroughly tested as well as fully graded into classes A+, A, B, and C unless marked ‘brand new.’ The e-commerce stocks its products in a warehouse rather than a shop and sells them through the internet. The internet makes its forefront shop. On their online shop, you will find the smartphone, tablets, and watches displayed. Navigating through the pages will allow selecting your favorite piece.

Why Is SmartFoneStore The Best?

SmartFoneStore stocks a wide variety of mobile phones, tablets and watches, and all these products are in perfect working condition-they are factory reset, thoroughly tested as well as carefully graded. You can get a phone with whatever amount of money you have you can get your phone. Besides, the devices are well packed – A+ comes in original packaging while A, B, and C classes come in branded boxes.

After grading the products into classes, i.e., A, B and C, the products are packed in SmartFoneStore branded box that is made of 100 % recycled card. The boxes are spacious – have space for cable and a SIM pin. The box is protected in a purple bag that is shiny. They come with a 60-day warranty, SIM pin, and data cable except for products that use lighting cable. Once you make an order on the website, all paperwork will be processed, and the smartphone will come with all details including IMEI.


New products always ship in an original sealed box together with unique accessories and full manufacturer’s warranty. The grade A+ is just like the new phone and ships in the original box with all original accessories and a 60-day warranty.

The smartphones and the tablets are ready to use once you receive them. You can use your SIM card; however, before doing that, it is vital to contact your network provider notifying them of the new product. This way they can decide whether or not to adjust your tariff to the product you have. As it is the norm, tablets and smartphone consume a lot of data, and asking about that will be very helpful.


Watches: Examples are Apple Watch 42mm with Black Sports Band, Apple Watch Sports 42mm with Black Sports Band, Apple Watch Sports 38mm with White Sports Band, etc.

Smartphone: They include Apple iPhone XS Max, Apple iPhone XS, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, etc.

Tablets: They include Apple iPad Pro 9.7, Apple iPad Air 1, Samsung Google Nexus 10 Tab P8110, Apple iPad 6th Generation 9.7, Apple iPad 2, etc.

Why Do I Suggest SmartFoneStore

At SmartFoneStore, transparency and professionalism is the order of the day. Whenever you buy a phone online, they will print the correct IMEI for you. E-Commerce has systems in place to prevent them from selling products that are stolen. They work together with the police and CheckMend. If by chance the devices you buy get blocked, they will replace the handset regardless of the warranty.

It is straightforward to order products from SmartFoneStore. Just type the item you are looking for in the search box or you can you can browse using the filters. Click on the link of the product you are interested and check for details. You will be prompted to log in to your account or create a new one. Make your payment.