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SimplifyEm Coupon Code 2019

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SimplifyEm  Introduction

SimplifyEm is property management software that gives landlords and property managers an effective way to manage their business. It started in 2006 by Pankaj Shukla and Narinder Sandhu. Both founders of the company gave the experience in product development and strategy. While both founders have similar work experience and skills, they also share the same passion for real estate investment. Putting their passion, experience, and talent together, they created SimplifyEm.

Now, the company works with more talented people who share the same passion for real estate management. They have the mission to build the easiest software for property managers and investors to use. SimplifyEm is in partnership with First American CoreLogic, BayEast, Atlanta Board Realtors, SDAR, Investment Property Exchange Services, RealTown, and Fidelity. Buildium provides Property Management Software. Get a 10% discount using Buildium Coupon.

Why Is SimplifyEm Best?

The property management software has all the services you need to efficiently manage your property investments. SimplifyEm uses the latest web technology in creating the best tool to use. They also listen to their customers, so that they can offer the best solution for their needs. The software is easy to setup and use. Most of the functionalities are one-click away. It will help you save more time. SimplifyEm also guarantees excellent customer support always.


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  • Property Managers can enjoy the full benefits of using a faster and easier management software. It is easier to use compared to other financial software and spreadsheets.
  • For property managers, you will receive a professional monthly owner statement. There is also a full integration of the online rent payment. There is complete tracking of income and expenses and you will receive a customizable and comprehensive report.
  • For landlords, you will also receive full integration of the online rent payment. There is a complete and effective solution for tracking income and expenses. You will have a one-click tax report for faster tax time. It will save you money instantly with a complete list of overlooked write-offs.
  • The Online Rent Payment allows automatic rent collection every time and on time. It eliminates paper checks and expensive trips to the bank. You can automate rent to directly deposit to your account. SimplifyEm guarantees no late payment with the new technology. It also uses the latest Internet Safety Protocols to guarantee secure rent collection.
  • There are two affordable plans for the Property Management Software: Basic and Premium. Under the Basic plan, you can choose between 10 and 30 units. You will receive the basic features such as tenant screening, online rent collection, tenant lease tracking, income and expense tracking, tenant rent invoice, and print and email of tenant notices.
  • There is also the owner balance tracking, online owner payment, print and email owner statements, online vendor payment, and online balance tracking. Other features are 1099’s and Schedule E, summary reports, export of transactions to excel file and attachment of scanned documents.
  • For the premium plans, you will receive all the basic features with added benefits. You can choose three units: 50, 100, and 200. Added features include automate late fees, comprehensive communication history, portals and document sharing for tenants, owner, and vendor, and automate management fees.
  • There is also the trust report and the multi-bank reconciliation. You can also do check printing and see the history. Other features added are rental advertising, QuickBooks export, automation of account, sub-user accounts, requests for maintenance, and tracking of task and work order.
  • When you install the property management tool, you will have access to various forms for free. There are different forms for various uses ideally for landlords and property managers. You can also ask for custom forms. You will also receive tenant-screening tools so that you can check their criminal and eviction history and credit standing.


Property management is complex and time-consuming. Without the right tools to help you, it can mean more time and room for mistakes. SimplifyEm simplifies property management processes, so it minimizes risk. It makes things easier for you to work faster and more effectively always. Answerbase provides premium Q and A Software. Grab the for the latest discount using Answerbase Coupon.