Simple Caravan Insurance Discount Code 2019 | Insure Your Touring Caravan

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Simple Caravan Insurance Discount Code 2019

Grab the latest simple caravan insurance discount code and get up to £2 million public liability cover. Read the latest review, know about the products & services, features, pricing, coupon, promo code and more.

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Get Upto £2 Million At Simple Caravan Insurance

Is your caravan a touring or static type? In both cases, you need an insurance cover. You would agree with me that risks and uncertainties are inevitable. It is only safe to get a comprehensive insurance cover. Does price worry you?  Simple Caravan Insurance offers very friendly prices for its policies. In fact, Simple Caravan Insurance offers upto £2 million public liability cover. when you secure policies with them, unlike other caravan insurance providers. How do you get such discounts? Simple Caravan Insurance coupon code that enables you to save money off the stipulated price. Apply it when getting a quote.

Why Choose Simple Caravan Insurance?

What are your specific needs when it comes to caravan insurance? simple caravan Insurance, offer insurance cover for both your static caravan and touring caravan, at competitive prices. These covers are so flexible that you can easily tailor them to your needs. This way you get the right cover. A touring caravan is basically that which is towed by another vehicle while a static caravan is the one that is in a fixed position or permanently positioned.

Is caravan insurance necessary? As a matter of fact, caravans double up as a home and a vehicle. Would you not take insurance for your home or vehicle? That makes caravan insurance highly vital. For any caravan owner, it is essential to understand what your insurance is covering before rushing to buy any advertised caravan insurance. Simple Caravan Insurance offers you all details.

Simple Caravan Insurance Policies

Static or touring, which one do you own? Simply get a quote in 2 minutes.  Both policies cover Public liability, Loss or Damage to the Caravan, Loss or Damage to Contents, Alternative Accommodation, Accidental Damage to the Caravan, Accidental Loss of Keys and Damage to Locks and Personal Accident among others.

European Usage: This is an included 120 days of European cover. It comes in every policy. If need be, you can increase it to 200 days.

Driver Cover: This comes in when the driver cannot drive the vehicle towing the caravan due to illness or some other severe problem and no one else with you can drive. Simple Caravan Insurance will pay your fare back home.


Touring caravan insurance starts from £93 while the static caravan insurance starts at £83. Considering the fact that the policies can be tailored, you will get a specified price when you ask for a quote. Do you like price cuts? On all the quotes there are discounts. To get these discounts simply apply the Simple Caravan Insurance coupon code.

Why Do I Suggest Simple Caravan Insurance?

How difficult is it to get an insurance quote? Do you always find it difficult to reach customer support? Don’t worry. Simple Caravan Insurance is easy to deal with the company. You can get your tailored made insurance policy over the phone in a few steps. The customer support is very friendly, while their quotes come at reasonable prices. Besides, Simple Caravan Insurance has made its policies more lucrative by allowing discount through the Simple Caravan Insurance coupon code.