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Shape5 Coupon 2019

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No Expiry Introduction

Joomla templates basically refer to the shell of your website. They are a series of files that determine how your website will look and feel once the modules and content have been put in place. A template determines things such as colors, menu styles, fonts, headers, and images. You should note, however, that a template is not an entire website. It is simply a basic layout of how your website will appear.

Why is Best?

The reason why you need a template prior to the real website is that it will separate the design of the website from the content. This will allow you to switch between contents in case of changes or updates, as compared to editing the entire website. creates some of the best Joomla templates. It also has WordPress themes and Joomla extensions all available online. Currently, the site has over 300k members and is one of the longest running Joomla Templates providers on the internet.


This website has been around since 2007, therefore, it has the most features when it comes to design choices, and having used it severally, I can comfortably say that it has a very responsive design configuration. I got very good templates for it.

Another great thing about it is that you can easily download their framework- Vertex and work with it. This framework has very many benefits such as;

  • A responsive design
  • An easy to use interactive user interface
  • Upgradable framework
  • Lightweight and fast loading of files
  • Easy layout and navigation
  • Mobile options

The User Interface

It will offer you a plethora of options to choose from, and also for setting columns and widths while hiding certain elements when the device’s resolution goes down. It is simple and easy to use even if you are new to this, you simply need to follow the directions.

The Designs

The template gives you very many design options that you can choose from. There is an administration panel to guide you, and you are also able to configure each webpage as per your requirements. In the end, you will have a webpage that suits your needs 100%.


Editing the templates is also very easy, you simply choose which one to work on, either design or content and update it with the information you wish for it to have. Website design has never been so easy with the Shape5 website. 


Speed: With the Shape5’s shaper installations, you are able to set up a website in just a matter of minutes. You simply need to download the site shaper and you are good to go.

Excellent Customer Support: The site has a great reputation when it comes to customer support. The support staff has years and years of experience and will answer all your questions quickly so you never get stuck.

Lifetime Membership: If you choose to become a member, you can have access to all products, and you need not renew it. If it expires you can still access the products without any limitations or additional costs.

Hire a Coder: Within the site, you will find a place where you can hire someone to do the coding for you. The developers will bid on your jobs and help you out. If you are a developer, then you can make some good extra cash on the side.

Large Community: With over 300k users, you are not just using the website, you are joining a community of people with similar interests who can help you time and again.


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The Shape5 website is definitely the go-to site for our Joomla templates. With their many years of experience and a vast number of members, you are assured to find nothing but the best, plus they are always there to help you if need be. You will never be stranded on their site, as even other members have formed a community that is always there for you. Whatever you need, you can find it, and they will also allow you to create your website quickly, and in the simplest way possible. I definitely recommend Shape5 for your Joomla templates.