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SFC Europe Discount Code 2019

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Most shoe manufacturers and designers consider anti-slip property when designing their shoes. However, this property does not come out apparently.  Few brands can give you the combination of comfort, quality, elegance and anti-slip features in a single pair of shoes. That means they are below the required standards. With innovation, creativity and unrivaled workmanship, SFC Europe came up with shoes that combine all the features mentioned above. The shoes are sold at surprisingly affordable prices, and it comes at discounts. Shoes for Crews offers a 10% discount on all the shoes. Don’t hesitate to get your favorite shoes at a discount using Shoes for a Crews coupon code.

SFC Europe Introduction

Shoes For Crews is the leading manufacturer as well as the designer of the non-slip footwear products. With over 280 models for both men and women, this designer sells in more than 40 countries around the world. The products are of super quality in addition to being slip-resistant. The footwear from the company is known to be of good support, comfortable and exhibiting excellent and robust artistry, value and style. These features make the company enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide.

Started in 1984 the company has and is still growing to provide the best services to humanity. The Shoes For Crews shoes were created for the workplace, especially those with a slippery floor. However, the shoe has found use in other areas with the similar condition where they work excellently: athletic, casual, elegant and safe.  The shoe design was majorly to prevent slipping, tripping and falling in the workplace: it has superb anti-slip properties enhancing your safety and offering you great comfort, elegance, and quality. At the same time, they showcase high-quality.

Why Is SFC Europe The Best?

Shoes for Crews manufacturers take occupational safety and anti-slip properties exceptionally seriously to the extent that they manufacture their outsoles in their factory. This means that they have total control of every component that makes their anti-slip sole, and thus they keep an eye on every manufacturing step. With such careful process, the result is a tough outer sole to withstand any harsh conditions the world may present.

Product Categories

Numerous categories are covering both men and women. They include;


They are designed for people always on the move. They have to cushion and improved protection to keep you well on your feet when running between slippery floors and carpeting thus reducing the risk of tripping, hence allowing you to work comfortably and safely


They are water-repellent, with a natural fit and an elegant appearance


They have extra cushioning and water-repellent leather uppers Security


Tough, durable and comfortable

Rubber Boots

Warm, yet robust rubber boots, suitable for all working environments and floors.

Why Do I Suggest SFC Europe?

By far Shoes for Crews offer superb ant-slip shoes in the world. The shoes are comfortable besides being of high quality and depicting unrivaled artistry. When you wear the shoes, you are assured of minimal tripping of slipping while walking.

Some varieties of the shoes come with water repellent features making the shoes more durable. Shoes for Crews sell its shoes worldwide, implying that the shoes have found many enthusiasts, further rubberstamping the fact that they are high quality.

The shoes come in different that different suit occasions – for sports, casual, official or security wear. All the events are covered. Moreover, you will shoe for both male and females. Affordable prices coupled with discounts make Shoes for Crews a one-stop shop for your footwear needs.