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Serif Introduction

Graphic designing is essential for making a photo attractive. It is a very good technique whereby you can design fabulous graphics. If you are already a working graphic designer, upgrading and expanding your existing creative tools is important for you to be able to work smarter and creatively. You need to look for an advanced approach for your creative designs. When we talk about graphic design software, we somewhat relate it to embedding different images, incorporate motion graphics and creating a unique piece of design. It is imperative to highlight the importance of graphic design and how it attracts users. The Serif software not only offers photo editing but also offer an advanced approach when creating animation, logos, and posters.  It is also ideal on creating lay- outs, magazines, books, brochures or digital magazines.

Why Choose Serif?

If you are looking for the right software, Serif is best for you. The various productive functions offered by Serif, makes it stand out to others. With its remarkable range of features like cropping, image rendering, rotating, auto fixing, blemish removal and many more, it has made graphic designers life made easy. It has amazing features and high-quality graphic designs with a minimum effort. It also has several advanced features. The visual editor is easy to use and recommended for both beginners and professionals. You can work efficiently on both phone and desktop. Serif is a Europe – based software developer. It has been developing Windows software for over 20 years. It offers photo editing and graphic design software. With a vast range of functions, people across varying sectors can make beautifully crafted designs, websites and graphic design arts.


  • Lightning fast – in particular taking advantage of all latest CPU and GPU chipsets available
  • Cover the core disciplines of photo editing, vector drawing, and desktop publishing
  • Use the same file format between applications
  • Have no bloat – utilize a concept of personas to organize the UI into different use cases
  • Be unashamedly pro – core requirements like CMYK and 16 bit would be built in from the start and not allow wizards or anything else gets in the way of a pro workflow


  • Affinity Range is Serif’s next-generation graphic design software for creative professionals. Affinity delivers exactly what creative professionals need – thrilling speed, sophisticated tools, pin point accuracy, and painless compatibility, coupled with an attractive, modern look.
  • Affinity was the first application to release with a new suite. Affinity Suites are Affinity Designers, Affinity Photo, and the latest is Affinity Publisher.
  • Affinity Photo -is a professional photo editing compatible for both desktop and iPad. It was launched in October 2014.
  • Affinity Designer is a professional graphic design software. It is the fastest, smoothest and most precise vector graphic software, launched in July 2015
  • Affinity Publisher is a professional desktop publishing. It is in beta testing and available for you to download for free. The full version will be release in a few months.
  • Legacy products or Plus range of software, are the Page Plus, Photo Plus, and Draw Plus. They are no longer being developed as Serif now focus entirely on their new Affinity range. Licenses are still available to purchase however no further updates will be issued.


  • The Affinity programs sell starting at 43.00 euro making it cheaper than any other software in the market.
  • Serif Legacy’s licensing for Page Plus X-9 is 16.67 euros likewise to Photo Plus and Draw Plus.


We see applications of photography everywhere including graphic design. A designer should always remember what their requirement is and how much money are they ready to spend on a tool. Most people look for affordable but quality software, the best graphic design software that can be used by both beginners and professionals. Serif is one by far effective than most famous tools out there. It is considered best in its league. Try it now. Visit their website at