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We at StartupWorld have been using many SEO tools like SEMrushLong Tail Pro for our website and business in general. After years of spending time and money on various tools for different SEO needs, we realized the pain to keep track of our site across various tools. This is when we looked at SERPed and made a request to explore.

SERPed is something we just started using after recently reading a review and trust us; it is a game changer. Our experience of using SERPed has made us also write an in-depth review of it which can give you all the insights for taking a subscription right away.

What is SERPed? and Why go with SERPed and not others

SERPed: A single, powerful tool for all SEO needs. SERPed is an all in one SEO tool, which comes at an affordable price of just $79.00 per month and it just replaces every other tool you have been using till date, for your SEO needs. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Yes, It does.

And, not just price but you can see a bundle of 42+ features which come very handy to you, all in one single place. Why spend huge on many tools when you get everything in the tool. Get a glimpse of SERPed now and check for yourself how awesome the tool it.



Why is SERPed Unique?

SERPed is made with continuous study and research of various tools and also feedback from many users and webmasters. What you get from SERPed is something unbeatable by any single SEO tool. Using SERPed, you can find expired domains, grab thousands of keywords, find competitors backlinks and many more top features, that just make the SEO job easy for your site or your clients.

There are around 45+ powerful features in SERPed which you can customize, get custom reports and grab the exact result for your requirement.

SERPed has so many features which are not possible to explain in one shot because it just gets amazing as you explore and experience first hand. Oh! yes, SERPed has a recent update, and the new version 2.0 is a lot more user- friendly. We tried to provide the best insights possible in our review below.

SERPed vs Other Tools

Getting started with SERPed: All Tools Review

  1. Add a New Site
  2. Site Management
  3. Site Explorer
  4. Keyword Research
  5. Domain Research
  6. Rank Tracking
  7. Client Acquisition
  8. Other Tools

1.Add a New Site

Add site to SERPed to get deeper analytics. It's simple, the moment you log in on the top left you will see the menu item SITES which will give the option to ADD A NEW SITE. Click this link > give site URL and other relevant information, that's you are now given options to explore. There is another option called CREATE A NEW PROJECT this is something useful if you want to name the entire research and then explore. Watch the below video for more information

2.Site Management

Knowing how your site is performing in terms of SEO is of vital importance today. Only if you know where you stand in the beginning, will you be able to see the signs of progress.

SERPed allows you to monitor and manage the SEO progress of your site and that too in real time. Even the tiniest changes and increments will come to your notice using this tool. You will have multiple tools which help you achieve the desired results.

Watch below video for more information

Once you are on the dashboard, you get a quick look at on how your site is performing and how the rankings look. If there are any issues, there will be a clear notification of the errors. You also get a complete overview of how your inner pages are performing so you can track the progress of each inner page. This is useful when you have a content-driven site like a blog and would like to know how each blog page ranks and performs.

The Site Statistics section gives you a complete breakdown of all the metrics for your site. You get access to real-time live data including the social metrics. You can also view your Moz and Majestic data both together on the same page. You also get information on your target keywords, which will help you see fluctuations and changes in the search volume.

The SEO Auditor is useful if you run a blog, are an affiliate, or are looking to grab some SEO clients.You get a detailed review of everything happening on your site, and you can take action and make changes as needed. It is a complete audit tool, that updates as you make changes to your site.

The Your Competitor tab section gives you a side by side comparison of all your competitors based on metrics like the SERPed rank, Alexa, MozRank, Domain Authority and others.

Backlinks Profile gives you an overview of all the backlinks pointing to your site, along with data like domain age, MozRank, SERPed rank, Alexa and Moz Domain and Page Authority.

Backlinks Manager

This tool is a godsend when it comes to link building. It is in the Backlinks Manager where you add and track all your backlinks. For example, if you have written an article for a blog in exchange for a backlink, you can monitor what’s happening with your link. You will also know if the blog has gone offline or has been deindexed.

This tool gives you great control in knowing what the status of your backlinks is and what’s happening with them. The tool also tells you when the link has gone offline so that you can make the required changes. You also get a complete overview of the quality of your backlinks and view the Domain Authority and Page Authority of each of your links.

Uptime Monitor

Have you ever met with the situation where your site went offline, and you had no clue it was happening? The Uptime Monitor will keep track of your site and give you daily insights into your site. It gives you a minute by minute update on your site which allows you track and monitor your site’s performance. And, all of this happens live, making sure your site runs smoothly and efficiently.

Web Analytics allows you track a site’s day to day data; you can check the site visits for the last 24 hours, every week and every month.

Cashflow Manager allows you to add and maintain the income earned and the expenditures made on your site for a particular time period.

Site backups allow you to take a complete backup of your site, in case of any unfortunate circumstances.

Goal Tracking allows you to check what visitors do on your site. It gives you data on how long they have gone around your site, which images they clicked, searches made and more. This will help you to better analyze your site audience. This is an advanced feature, and SERPed recommends you watch their tutorial before you use the tool.

3.Keyword Research

This is the single most important part of your SEO. It certainly is one of the confusing aspects of SEO; understanding which keyword is important, if people search for the keyword, will I rank for this keyword… All of us have been there.

SERPed’s Keyword Research tool is here to help you solve all your confusions. It allows you to go deep into keyword analysis, obtain more data and metrics so that you can make the correct choices.

Ultimate Research

This tool is the best part of SERPed. Enter the information you are searching for in the fields; the keyword you feel appropriate for your site, the country, and the language. This search will yield you a list of keywords that are relevant to the keyword you have typed. And you will get a huge amount of data through this, with metrics like:

  1. The search frequency of each keyword with markers (red & green) to indicate if they still figure in the hot searches or not.
  2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Competition
  3. Pay Per Click Cost
  4. Traffic Value

What Ranks Where

This tool can be pretty useful when you want to get information about your competitors. You enter details about your competitor here; the site URL, name, search type, number of results and the database (country) of where you want the results to be based on. Once you enter all the details, you get the following details:

  1. The exact keywords the site is ranking for
  2. The current and previous position at which they rank for that particular keyword
  3. The average monthly searches for that keyword
  4. Percentage traffic that the keyword generates
  5. The Cost Per Click for each of the terms

These results will help you decide which ones you can use for your site, which ones will work out to be profitable, and also if there is any specific keyword you need to be targeting.

Keyword Analyzer

With the SERPed’s Keyword Analyser, you will exactly know how to rank for any keyword. Using this tool you can not just find how your site is ranking for certain keywords, but also know more insights like search volume, CPC, PPC, DA, PA and lot more information.

Isn’t that super useful?. Watch the video to know more about this.

It’s simple to use.Just enter the keyword for which you want more information. You get is all the search results for that keyword, in order, with all the ranking factors that help them stay in that position.

All this data can be useful for you when you are trying to find ways to get to the top of the search results. This information also shows where you’re competitors are lagging behind, and you can use this to your advantage.

Long Tail Keywords

Say you found a keyword that you think will be helpful for your site. Would you like to know what other related keywords could work for you to boost your site in the searches? SERPed’s tool, Long Tail Keywords will help you find those.

Select that keyword, from the list of keywords, and select the “Get Long Tail Keywords” option from the settings drop down (under the “Options” column) to generate an extensive list of long-tail keywords associated with the root keyword you found. You can keep digging deeper and deeper to get really specific with the keyword search. You can keep repeating this process until you find the right keywords which you think will work for your site.

4.Site Explorer

Get a deeper analysis of a domain with just one click. Enter the URL name of the site for which you need information, and you get all details about that site. The search results will give you an overview of all the metrics of the site and whether it is genuine or no. You’ll be shown data from all the major SEO tools (Moz, Alexa, Majestic), which can prove to be useful for you.

The Site Explorer is the very important tool inside SERPed and with recent demand, it has undergone a huge facelift, below are some of the new noticeable changes added to site explorer.

1.Spam Analysis:

Using spam analysis you can see data from MOZ and start taking action on the spam. You can do all the below and more using spam analysis

  • check spam links
  • examine potential links
  • do a links cleanup
  • check low-quality links
  • fix spam links

2.  Link Velocity

Backlinks, the most familiar word in SEO. This is something very vital role in the growth of the site. So, how do we measure the backlinks in SERPed? Link Velocity does it for you, it measures how many new backlinks are pointed to your site over a period of time and also gives you option to keep track of fishy links.

There are a lot of other useful tools added to site explorer in the new SERPed, you can watch video for some insights.

5.Domain Research & Finding

If you need all the information about a particular site, then SERPed’s Domain Research tool will give you everything you need to know if a site is what it claims to be. You can do that using the following tools:

Bulk URL Analyzer: If you want to get the metrics for a bunch of URLs, then you should use this tool. Just enter the site URLs of all the domains, and the results you get is worth every penny. You get all the metrics of each of the site, including data from all the popular SEO tools.

Backlinks Explorer: With this tool, you can explore the backlinks of any site. You get every bit of data about the backlinks of the site; if the links are “do follow” or “no follow”, the age of the domains, the Moz data, the Alexa rank and more.

Aged Domain Finder: The Aged Domain Finder will show you all the expired or expiring domains, specific to your needs. You can filter the domains to whatever you are looking for and buy them right here, without having to look for them in other places. You can even join auctions for domains and make purchases right on the dashboard itself.

Rank Tracking

With the SERPed’s Rank Tracking tool, you can find out where exactly your site is ranked, be it globally or locally and across all search platforms (Google, Bing, YouTube, etc.). With the data that you get from this tool, you can target specific strategies to improve your ranking, see why and how to target the top results, uncover your competitor strategies and constantly keep a check on the progress of your site. You can also know where any site ranks at this very instant, not only on Google but on Bing and Yahoo search too.  

Rank Tracking is one of the most powerful tools which SERPed gives for free to users. Many SEO tool sites charge for this features, but at SERPed it’s all in the package. Businesses who sell products on Amazon can use them to track the ranking of their products. For all local and global SEO rankings, the Local Tracker and Maps Tracker come very handily to track ranking in Packs on Google.

6.Client Acquisition

SEO has become a vital cog for a lot of companies at this juncture. Without a good SEO- driven site, you will certainly lag behind all your competitors and lose out on business. The client acquisition tool of SERPed helps you gain and keep clients who require SEO for their business. There are 2 tools here mainly, which will help you to grab and retain clients who need require SEO for their sites.

Site Auditor Pro

The first one is the Site Auditor Pro, wherein you tap potential clients through your site. When clients land on your site, you can provide them with the option of a free SEO Audit of their site and convince them how much they need SEO. You can create the complete sales tool in the dashboard itself; just fill in a few details, choose what details you need, etc. and you will get the embed code which you need to add to the code of your site, and you're done. Get ready for plenty of clients coming your way!

Mobile Prospector

Mobile SEO is considered to be really important these days, and this tool will help you target clients who don’t have proper mobile SEO. All you have to do is enter a keyword in this tool, and a whole list of sites will show up, which aren’t mobile ready. You can now pitch to all those clients, right from the tool; from compiling a professional report to getting in touch with the client. You will soon have a bunch of clients lining up to you for SEO services.


7.Other Tools

What we have talked about till now are all the major tools that you will need for your SEO needs. SERPed has various other tools too to help you.

The Social Exchanger tool helps you to increase your social reach by getting other users on SERPed to share your articles on social platforms. You can find this under Done For You > Social Exchanger.

Under the “Other Tools” menu, you have the Link Indexer tool, which allows you to index your backlinks super fast and with the Google Index Checker, you will get to know if your links are being indexed in Google.

There are many other tools like Grammar Checker, Content Curator which help you check the grammar for your content and curate your content based on related keywords. And finally, WordPress Manager, a plugin which you can install on your WordPress site. This tool allows you to keep all your themes, plugins and data updated, all from one place.

SERPed Pricing | Just $79 Per Month

SERPed comes with two plans Premium and Ultimate. The premium plan comes for $79 per month and the Ultimate plan comes for $179 per month.

The premium plan is more ideal for individuals where you get access to all tools with limited credits, the given credits which comes with this plan are good enough to fulfill the requirement of an individual or small team.

The Ultimate plan is good for users with multiple sites, a bigger requirement to track keywords, analyze sites, have more team members.


Free Trial and Refund Policy

Firstly, our honest opinion is you will never think of quitting SERPed subscription the very first moment of using it. For such features and the price you pay, it worth every penny. But yes if there is something you think is not provided then SERPed is all ears for you.

SERPed does not provide any free trial but they have a 30 days money back guarantee. You can just use the awesome tools for 30 days and if you think it's not worth for you, its simple to get the refund. You just need to open a ticket on our helpdesk and get the refund within 48-72 business hours.

Also, switching plans is easy in SERPed. You can switch between plans, or cancel your subscription for an extra charge.

SERPed Support

SERPed provides a whole list of video tutorials for each of its functionalities. These tutorials are really useful for someone just getting used to the tool. If you would rather read the documentation on SERPed, you can check out their wiki page. They also have a list of general FAQs answered if you require quick assistance. If you face any problems or have queries about the tool, you can submit a ticket to them, and they will get back to you as soon as possible with a response. Now that’s excellent customer support, isn’t it? affiliate

You can get affiliate program of SERped via clickbank. SERped does not provide affiliate directly from their website but if your site is content driven and approved by SERped you can request the affiliate program. SERped team will look into your site manually and allows you for affiliate signup. However it is not allowed to do any PPC (Paid promotion) for SERPed.

What do we think about SERPed?

We have used SERPed for a while now, and we found it to be one of the best tools for SEO. It has a combination of features of all the popular SEO tools out there, provided at a reasonable and cheap price. With the abundance of features and tools and more developments in the pipeline, we think SERPed will be the best tool for you. Instead of going after individual tools, we recommend you give this tool a try and you will not be let down by the features and information you get out of using this amazing tool.


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