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SEO Spyglass is a highly efficient SEO tool that discovers the backlink sources on the web by spying on the competitor’s sites and discloses their back link structure. Grab the deal and get $500 OFF on Spyglass.

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What is SEO Spyglass all about?

To optimize your SEO campaign, you must need the tools that let you track the effectiveness of your keywords, phrases, backlinks, as well as to get an idea what your competitors are up to. Here comes the most powerful solution SEO Spyglass that is packed with some awesome tools letting you find out the effectiveness of your SEO campaign as well as to get the clear image of what your competitors are up to. SEO Spyglass is one of the four tools Link Assistant sells and is the part of their SEO Powersuite.

It is a highly efficient SEO tool that discovers the backlink sources on the web by spying on the competitor’s sites and disclosing their backlink structure. The tool provides you with all you need for a successful link building venture.

Why SEO Spyglass?

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To do well in your SEO campaign, you must understand how important is to keep track of your competitor's backlink strategies. SEO Spyglass helps you to do that in the most effective manner. You can also find high-quality links to your website using this tool. SEO Spyglass allows you to check what strategies our competitors have employed and this data you get with the help of this tool lets you create winning strategies of your own. Some of the key benefits of using SEO Spyglass are:

  • It allows you to check easily whether your competitors are buying site-wide links.
  • The tool discloses the age of every site that links to your competition.
  • It also shows you the best keywords to optimize the site for.
  • SEO Spyglass has a built-in Scheduler allowing you schedule the backlink checks and it automatically sends the reports to the clients.
  • Captcha breaking service is also available with this tool at a nominal extra fee.
  • The tool offers professional and fully customized SEO Reports.

Features of SEO Spyglass

seo spyglass - startupworld

1. Competition Research

SEO Spyglass finds tons of links pointing to a website as well as retrieving the data from over one hundred sixty international and local search engines. Each found links is accompanied by various SEO metrics including backlink pages, link anchor text, link value, Alexa rank, and Backlinks IP, etc.

2. Link verification and traffic monitoring

With SEO Spyglass, you can easily monitor and verify all of your existing backlinks to keep track the progress of your link building campaign.

3. Backlink data research

SEO Spyglass helps you to get up-to-the-minute information on backlinks related to your website. It will also give a clear idea of the number and quality of sites that link to any pages on your website. This tool is also helpful in getting the backlink information of your competitors.

4. Backlink data Analysis

This is the more in-depth feature of SEO Spyglass that lets you look closely at certain elements of your competitors' backlink as well as the keyword data. This feature also assists you in getting an idea of the keyword density and other prime keyword location.

5. Reporting facilities and data export

At each stage of your link building campaign, you can get the backlinks report generated by SEO Spyglass. These reports are highly customizable means you can add and remove sections, change color schemes, language, etc. With this tool, you can also export the data in various supported formats including .csv, .xml, .sql, .txt.

Pricing Options

seo spyglass pricing - startupworld

In terms of pricing, SEO Spyglass is the most budget-friendly and affordable tool. It comes with two pricing options

1. SEO Spyglass Professional

Access the features of this plan by paying a one-time fee of $124.75. This pricing option is great for the website owners and webmasters.

2. SEO Spyglass Enterprise

You can opt this one for a one-time fee of $299.75. The Enterprise plan is the great choice for SEO companies and professional SEO experts. You can get a pretty big discount if you purchase their suite of tools as a bundle instead of buying individually. SEO Spyglass is packed with full-time customer support.

Your license includes:

– 24×7 free customer support
– Also 24-hour turnaround on all tickets sent to their client service team.
– Every time you use the software, you will get automatic updates.
– Virus free download guaranteed

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Final Words

SEO Spyglass is an affordable and highly effective software that gets you the most out of your backlinks as well as advanced information on your competition. With this tool, you can easily find out what the competition is up to, get an edge, and also have up-to-date information assisting you to get the most out of your marketing campaign. The interface is excellent and lets you look at link building from some perspectives. You can try the tool for free before actually buying. So, try it once, and you will definitely bump up and empower you link building campaign, as well as boosts your site rankings.


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