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SEO Clerks

SEO Clerks is a complete marketplace that takes care of all SEO services. It was originally designed to expand and innovate the SEO system. More Less

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About SEO Clerks

SEO Clerks is a complete marketplace that takes care of all SEO services. It was originally designed to expand and innovate the SEO system. It’s built as a part of community suggestions where users have given their feedback about their needs with regards to a good SEO. It was stated in October 2011 when there was no dedicated SEO marketplace and the only certain listing was scattered on multiple forums. Soon in 2013, with their hard work, they became the largest dedicated SEO marketplace with over 85,000 members and more than 1,20,000 services. The same year they also came up with a new release of their tool with 65 new features along with a stunning responsive design. Lately, in 2016 the company had 4,75,000 registered user from all over the world. This company is established by Jordan Delozier, who still owns the company, but in 2012 the company was later transferred to Ionicware Inc., a company who also owns various other website called listing dock, code clerks, Freelance forum and more.

How does it Work?

SEO Clerks is a marketplace where a user can buy all kind of SEO services. It is a secure and safe platform to buy or sell their online freelancing services or micro jobs. This online marketplace connects various freelancers and service provider and has given them a platform to sell their SEO related services at affordable prices or other website related small jobs for a simpler fee. This website is also good for someone who wants to sell a service to earn money as there is no limit on the price a seller wants to charge. It’s great for outsourcing your website tasks just like Fiverr, as there are many services available like article writing, place or design banner ads, creating WordPress site, resolving WordPress issues, creating backlinks, article translating, sponsored tweets, programming, SEO reports, social media management, proxies, web hosting, servers, etc. The website offers a wide array of categories and subcategories to choose from comprising of all kinds of diverse services.
The website has an option of WTT (want to trade) and WTB (want to buy) section for their users to hire or trade with the service expert.

SEO Clerks for Buyers

This website is a well-sorted marketplace for a buyer. A buyer has to find a service in a subcategory or category that fits your profile. You can find this from a WTB section, and in case you can’t find any such category, the website suggests posting a service they are looking for in their WTB section as well. Also, a buyer doesn’t have to worry if the seller does not deliver the product on time as anytime a buyer can cancel the order without much effort just after placing it. There is no chance of fraud as seller gets paid only after the service delivery.


SEO Clerks for Sellers

The sellers can find their categories in the WTT section and post their offers. As a seller, you get categories like selling an article, sell a tweet, sell a WordPress theme, sell a service, sell an eBook, software, blogs, reviews, etc.
Additionally, they have user levels to rank yourself as a buyer, seller or an affiliate. It rewards dedicated users who can be Sellers / Buyers / Affiliates providing great quality services, on-time delivery and maintains their quality automatically earns this level up gradation. As soon as you rank up as a buyer, seller or an affiliate you get beneficial rewards like decreased clearance time for payments, cash back and more.


SEO Clerks Pricing

SEO Clerks looks very affordable marketplace that offers the best quality and unique website services. They have services starting with just $1 which is the most reasonable price you will ever get in any of the online marketplaces.


SEO Clerks is one of the most affordable and reliable online marketplace and most suitable for beginners who can connect with different freelancers at one time to get all solution to all of your SEO needs. Apart from covering various website building aspects it also has opened up a platform for various amateur professional looking for a job.