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Plumrocket Coupon 2019

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Plum Rocket Introduction

E-commerce is the new marketing style. Online businesses are becoming popular each day. For you to maximize sales in your online store, you need the right strategies and apps to boost your sales. Magento offers the best platform for your e-store to thrive.

Plum Rocket Inc. has been developing Magento extensions since 2008. This web developer has the best expertise when to design the E-commerce store for you. They offer reliable services at affordable prices. With this company, you assured of quality service and great customer service. They value your needs and are always looking to best meet them. The company offers featured Magento 1 and 2extensions with a flexible payment plan. If you have Magento 1, they can help you upgrade to the new version easily.

Are you wondering how to install the extensions? Well, worry not, you can easily install, or get Plum Rocket to install for you at a small fee. This way, you save time and money. Visit the store for amazing offers and services that you’ll enjoy.

Why Choose Plum Rocket?

The web design company has years of experience in the field, hence you’ll get quality services.
They have affordable rates with flexible payment plans.
Plum Rocket has a great team of customer service professionals to address all queries and concerns.


Magento 1 Extensions

Plum rocket has designed several aspects on Magento 1 extension.  You can get apps for navigation and search, social networking integration or product page improvement at affordable prices. If you have a newsletter for your clients, there’s a Magento 1extension just for that purpose.

You would love to interact with your clients and see them share their experiences, right?  Plum Rocket has an extension designed to capture user experience. Each extension goes for a different price. Visit the site to explore which extension best suits you.  There are also free extensions that will interest you.

Magento 2 Extensions

Magento 2 is the newer version in the market. It is easier to use with an improved, better appearance. Plum Rocket has a wide range of plugins and extensions with amazing features.  In case you have Magento 1, and you would like to upgrade, this web designer has you covered.

They also value loyal customers, so if you are one, the upgrade goes for half the original price. These extensions are designed to make navigation easy, give your store a new outlook and boost sales in the long run. Take a tour of the website to boost your Magento 2 using quality plugins. With these extensions, your customers will love the experience.


Apart from Extensions, Plum Rocket offers to improve your website for you. Whether you want an upgrade from one Magento version to the other, or you're having problems installing the extensions, the company does it for you at the best prices. I’m sure you love high Magento speed, but you’re not sure how to improve it. Plum Rocket will help you on this one too.


I have been using Magento 1 before I discovered the goodness of the newer version.  Plum Rocket really saved me the hassle. I paid for their upgrade service, and I can say they delivered beyond my expectations. If you’re new to Magento, or you just want to boost your website, this company will really help you. You’ll definitely love their range of plugins and price packages. It's the best way to improve your store in a simple, affordable fashion.