Placeit – The Must Use Smartest Online Mockup Generator

Don’t we all like to make our design work fabulous without too much effort? Now you can do that through mockups. Mockups are the most efficient and easy alternatives to enhance your design work.

Introducing Placeit

Wouldn’t it be cooler you can do this with a lot of fonts, templates, patterns and much more? If you have answered yes, you must definitely check out Placeit. This is an easy video creator, great for SMB's and entrepreneurs that don't have the time or budget to have videos made externally. Be it on an iPhone, a Mac, a t-shirt, Placeit has the best collection to make your designs more awesome and stunning.

Placeit is an instant digital mockup generator with templates. It helps in developing brand mockups, logos, as well as videos using its collection of more than 10k fonts and templates, 2,000 logos and much more. This is a semi-free and subscription-based website that can give you easy to use tools to make trial videos, mockups, logos, design garments, etc. Apart from its large library, new features and templates are added every day.

How to Use Placeit?

Placeit is very easy and flexible to use. The website lets you choose from its huge library of templates. All you have to do is as their name says, place it! Just drop in your design and the rest will be done by them. And you can do all this without any expertise in Photoshop or any other design skills.

What all you can do with Placeit?

The answer is anything. Placeit makes you the most creative person with just a click. Once you are on the website, you will see tabs for Mockups, Designs, Logos, and Videos. Under each tab, you will see numerous options. You can choose one according to your requirement.


Mockups are texts and images that could be printed. In this tab, you can get mockups for lots of things – iPhones, Android, t-shirts, mugs, books, hats, tote bags, hoodies and so on. Here you can find 12,778 templates. The best mockup generator is an awesome feature. We always search for a T-shirt with mind-blowing designs. Have you ever thought how this is going to help your business? If you make your brand T-shirt for your employees, it will be a catalyst for your visibility. On top of that, you get the service at an affordable price. You can try different models too. And the work is very easy too. Firstly, you need to select a template from Placeit library. Then upload your image to be inscribed. And just download the template. As simple as that. Why only T-shirts? It doesn't stop there. You can make mockups for the hoodie, tank top and so on.

As I have mentioend above, you can find thousands of templates for mockups for iPhone, mug, MacBook and many more. iPad mockups need to be discussed since it's very popular and relevant in this time. This also helps to speed up your marketing.  The Placeit iPad mockup is your best partner for your app and website. No doubt, your client will be attracted to these stunning mockups.

flat-lay-macbook-pro-mockup flyer-mockup


Our mind craves for beautiful designs. In other words, everyone looks for the best designs. If we talk in the perspective of marketing, we need different designs for different customers since the taste matters. That's why Placeit presents you plenty of design templates for your marketing purpose. In this tab, you can get templates design images and other things for your flyers, business cards, t-shirts, Instagram stories, book covers, banners for YouTube and other sites.

As we discussed for mockups, you can use them to get design templates. As the new age's demand, there are templates for Instagram stories, YouTube banner, banner ad an many more. You can see several editing features too. For instance, if the design is some words, there are several fonts to experiment. Again, you can change the shades and pattern. Similarly, the background color also. In short, you have all essential editing tools.

flyer-design-1 flyer-design-2

flyer-design-3 flyer-design-4


Here they have a huge number of templates to make logos for sports teams, restaurants, gyms, doctors, teachers, and every business, the best online logo maker. You can choose an industry from their menu, and they will give you all the designs from which you can choose one for your need. The application is as simple as we explained before. I think easier than that. There is no doubt, the customers will appreciate your logo. The templates are designed carefully and that's visible at the first sight.


Latest Addition to Placeit


Here you can create Instagram videos, slideshows, videos for offers, tutorials, competitions, fundraisers, etc. I'll explain more about it later since it's a latest and must try item form Placeit.

We have already mentioned some of the fantastic services Placeit offers. Now you can get more benefits and services from Placeit. The world demands easy and better ways to make all your works that you took a lot of time before. So, Placeit introduces new tools to make your works easy and fast.

Placeit has come up with New Video Maker: Placeit has a new easy online video maker which is great for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are busy. This will help you make any promo videos, and you don’t need any video editing skills or software. It comes with lots of options and an easy to use interface. You will say ‘wow' if you see the templates for videos. The templates cover a wide range of categories. All are simple and attractive. You can see highly functional intro maker, Instagram story video maker, promo maker for offers/sale,  and many more. And if you are asking about simplicity, I can describe it in simple words. The templates are perfectly set. You just need to make the changes according to your taste. And all the editing tools are visibly located. Therefore, you can edit within minutes. Since videos are the most powerful marketing medium in this digital age, you should not miss this.

Their new Smart Templates will adjust your mockups if you resize or make any other edits. Now they have added two extra features by which you can move and resize layers as well. They have added new swimming logo tool to create creative logos for swimming school businesses. And to boost your sales this love season, they have added beautiful templates for creating lovable Valentine’s day t-shirts.

Subscription Price

You can now get unlimited access to their whole collection of more than 12k templates with just $29 a month. This will help you promote your brands and products like a pro. If you are a t-shirt maker, logo designer, or a small enterprise, you can subscribe to Placeit and get all your design needs. Placeit has the best and awesome mockups, logo maker, online video maker and best design templates for you right at only $29.

If you want to create a mockup or make a business explanatory video for your own business or for your clients', you can get it done within a few minutes from Placeit. They have more than 3000 mockups in their gallery and some amazing video mockups too. Ready-made 300 plus design templates, 130+ logo maker samples, more than 140 sample animation video makers and unlimited options from placeit just at $29 a month. Placeit provides exclusive offers for you. Hurry up! for the latest offer and get 30% coupon using Placeit Christmas Sale.

Why do I Suggest Placeit?

Placeit is something that makes your life easier for designers and developers without spending so much for it. Their images are of top quality, and you don’t have to hire a photographer to get pics for your business. They are easy to use and even provide simple tutorials to help you better your skills. Their ever-growing library of templates and designs is one we can not find anywhere else. So check out Placeit and try their free mockups and see for yourself the benefits of the website. Placeit Review provides free instant digital mockup generator with templates. Get a 60% discount on subscription using Placeit Review.