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Phantom 3 Flight Battery Coupon Code 2019

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Phantom 3 Flight Battery Introduction

You're pretty much used to the way we use technology nowadays, and even gadgets at home that have access to a power outlet are commonly used wirelessly, with batteries that need to be recharged. Same can be applied to your heaters, mp3 players, as well as smart devices throughout your house. Well, drones work exactly the same way in order to fly for more than 15 minutes at high speed, and Phantom 4 Series Battery Charging Hub is intended, obviously, for the Phantom 3 Flight Battery.

Why is Phantom 3 Flight Battery The Best?

Whether you're a professional or using the drone to have a little bit of personal fun and joy, the principle is the same – empty battery means no fun. And if you have none at hand, your endeavor outdoors is pretty much over and you have to head home disappointed. This product eliminates that, allowing you to carry a replacement to put inside in a pinch.

Phantom 3 Flight Battery Features

Lithium-Ion Polymer (Li-Po) Quality-Made Batteries

Of course, with powerful drones in this series, no low-quality and weak batteries should even be considered. And DJI didn't make any compromises here, using a LiPo 4S type of batter that offers optimal performance and a stable charge, even going as far as 23 minutes of active, high-performance flight time for your drone. That's quite a lot when compared to some low-tier models in the DJI product line, and very appealing specification.

High-Capacity Of The Battery, Smart Charge And Discharge

One battery comes with around 4480 mAh of capacity, which is the amoung a smaller smartphone power bank uses, but since drone uses way more energy, it's very much needed. In addition, the voltage of Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery is 15.2V, which doesn't mean a lot to regular customers, but people who understand the craft will truly appreciate it. The added feature of smart discharging and charging will protect your battery from over or under-voltage and fluctuations, thus preventing damage.

LED Display For Ease Of Use

Finally, you'd usually have an LCD; LED, or IPS panel on your smartphone to signalize the amount of battery juice, but here that's not present, or… is it? DJI went the extra mile to add not only one, but four LED panel that present simple, yet required information about the status and the battery juice left, thus giving you a heads up when to plug it into a charger.


There's no doubt about it that the price of this battery isn't cheap, being around $149, depending if there are sales and discounts active around holidays and events. However, the battery can literally be a life-saver in tight situations, especially if you're working professionally, recording different occasions, and you forgot to charge the battery or it is faulty, which makes the price justified for the sheer stress you'll avoid.


It's important to realize that Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery is compatible with all models of DJI drones that fit into the category: Advanced, Professional, 4K, as well as Standard. It's very easy to plug and play due to a slot-in custom design, but you should follow the guidelines in the manual or the website, in order to prevent mishandling and potential damage to yourself or the battery, since weather conditions and activity can warm it up over the optimal working temperature.