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Out of the Sandbox – Introduction

There is a lot that you can do with the internet including trading online. More so, the internet has not only been a bedrock for a content site, but it has been a home for the best e-commerce site such as Shopify and so forth. That said, for an e-commerce to function well it has to be responsive attractive, easy to go about and more importantly user-friendly.

In this review, we are going to take your true out of the sandbox, an online Shopify theme provider platform.  This platform has exceptional themes which developers have been using in developing an e-commerce site. You can always get whichever theme you need for your e-commerce from one of the sandbox. It is Shopify limited which mean you can only use it on that platform.

Why is one Out of the Sandbox the best?

It can track various data as well as automates a lot of back-office tasks. More so, provides some communication alternatives to stay in contact during the day

Reviews portal maintains critical information administrators’ convenience; Customer services entail month-to-month membership expense; Free of charge 30-day trial offer available which includes help

Slideshow placement: Position a slideshow everywhere you’d wish on the home page, both on top of the web page and even between various articles. Also, each might have the pretext, a heading, subheadline as well as up to two phone calls to action.

Full breadth video part on the home page: Show off a video with a customized promotion image, pretext, heading as well as subheadline together with a play switch to acquire things moving.

You can use it in developing innovative designs for Shopify, the first rated e-commerce program, as well as set up trends in the e-commerce. The designs offer premium storefront alternatives that not just create your store appear beautiful, but also work wonderfully as well as transfer to revenue.

Out of The Sandbox Features

Preload Webpages

When a consumer hovers over a hyperlink, showing they are going to check out the web page, the design begins loading that web page in the background, therefore when the consumer will click on, nearly all or even all the loading is carried out together with — presto! The content shows up on the monitor.

Lazy Loading Pictures

Trim down web page downloading times by merely loading the images that customers can easily see in the ‘viewport’ or even navigator window.

Innovative Picture Loading Methods

It picks the ideal picture size for the gadget the consumer is on — therefore smaller picture data files are going to be used for mobile phones — saving on-the-go customers time as well as their information plans.

Image Size Guide

When you add a picture, Shopify generates different shapes of the picture and will mechanically serve up the best size in various scenarios to make sure much better efficiency. Nevertheless, we nonetheless suggest that you compress your images first; therefore, they’re not pointlessly big to start.


Adding tabs to product or service depictions is a great solution to increase specifics of products in little space.

Color Swatches on Product Pages

It will transform all products titled “Color” or even “Colour” to utilize swatches. Any product choice will likely be exhibited in package choices, which act much like radio buttons.

Innovative Product Webpage Designs

Our current, section-based designs have alternatives to show a few unique design features on the product web page utilizing the substitute product .details themes.

These design features are: “Rich wording as well as image”, “Image gallery” as well as “Image with wording.

Out of The Sandbox Shopify Themes

Turbo Themes – Portland


Turbo is a powerful, unique theme, built with a focus on high-performance. This is a highly configurable, blazing fast theme that has been optimized for both speed and mobile experience. Turbo is packed with features like product row sliders, mega menus, logo list, testimonials, FAQ + customizable page templates, interactive mini cart and infinite scrolling.

Parallax Theme – Los Angeles


Parallax is a stunning Shopify theme featuring a long-format homepage with unparalleled flexibility and control.
The Parallax theme includes all four styles pictured below (Vienna, Aspen, Los Angeles and Madrid) which can be accessed from Theme Settings/Presets.

Retina Theme – Austin


An award-winning Shopify theme that is brilliantly crafted for next-generation e-commerce.
The Retina theme includes all four styles pictured below (Austin, Amsterdam, Melbourne, and Montreal), which can be accessed from Theme Settings/Presets.

Mobilia Theme – Tokyo


A full-featured and flexible Shopify theme with stylish presets and a modular, easy-to-configure home page.
The Mobilia theme includes all four styles pictured below (Milan, Napa, Sydney, and Tokyo) which can be accessed from Theme Settings/Presets.

Responsive Theme – New York


An elegantly minimal Shopify theme which dynamically adjusts for all screen sizes and devices.
The Responsive theme includes all four styles pictured below (New York, London, Paris, and San Francisco) which can be accessed from Theme Settings/Presets.


It is an amazing tool, more so it is available at no cost. You can use it to better your sale and derive track to your online shop on Shopify. More importantly, you don’t need any expertise to use this tool; it is a free-flowing tool that can be used by anyone.