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Osmo Mobile Coupon Code 2019

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Osmo Mobile Introduction

The trend of smartphones is simply growing stronger and stronger, with people that were refusing technology such as the elderly, now getting so used to their device that they can't give it up. And for normal use, the out-of-the-box accessories are common enough in most cases, but if you're trying to push the possibilities of your smartphone, or even bought a flagship to record videos or take pictures professionally, you might need Osmo Mobile (Refurbished Unit) to help you.

Why is Osmo Mobile The Best?

No one has a completely steady hand that won't cause any shaking when a phone's camera is turned on and recording. Not even surgeons that make it their profession to have as steady a hand as possible, which is why they use different tools, and even machine-assisted tasks are performed to help. This one is much like that, only for helping you keep your smartphone videos look stable, beautiful and simply ready to be uploaded without much correction, but goes a step further as well.

Osmo Mobile Features

Move It Freely, And Keep It Stable

Of course, the ability to keep it completely stable is the main selling point of this gadget, but due to the flexibility of the handle and the smartphone holder you can move the phone in portrait mode, Underslung or landscape, and even a flashlight mode that utilizes additional like for a detailed image and video results.

Beautify Your Pictures And Use ActiveTrack

All of us have a bad day every once in a while, but sometimes it coincides with the day we go out with friends to an adventure and can't resist but to capture the trip and have a reminder of a beautiful evening or afternoon. If you aren't your 100% at that time, the Beautify option on Osmo Mobile (Refurbished Unit) can automatically correct the lighting, contrast, as well as iron out the wrinkles or redness/dark circles under the eyes. A very helpful feature is ActiveTrack, where a camera will track your face as you move – something vloggers are crazy about, and the reason they love this gadget so much.

Full Control And High-Quality Batteries

Apart from ActiveTrack, the possibilities get even more advanced since you can automatically start streaming by a press of the button, activate Panorama mode, slow-motion video mode that depends on your camera but usually goes at around 120 frames per second, and even makes time-lapse videos to improve the quality of your content, and bring new followers that'll appreciate your cinematography skills. To prolong these benefits, DJI has gone the extra mile to design batteries that can hold a charge for about four and a half hours – enough for any prolonged video and image shooting.


Even though the base gadget costs only $109, in reality, you might need additional batteries to swap them on the run, a charging extender to connect to the power outlet, or even additional cables for charging as a spare, in case you forget your main ones. Even in that case, the investment won't be unreasonable and is accessible to even casual users that just like to record high-quality content.


The fact that you can purchase a Classic Black or a Silver version means you can easily match it to the color of your smartphone, which is what people that care about visuals as much as functionality appreciate a lot. In addition, the product makes the whole process better and more pleasant since you can easily control everything without ever touching the screen of your smartphone.