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OptiMonk Introduction

OptiMonk CouponOptiMonk is a digital marketing software that helps increase lead conversion with action-based messages such as pop-ups and bars. The action-based messages display information to website visitors based on their behavior while visiting the website.

OptiMonk was founded by Csaba Zajbo in 2014 and headquartered in Hungary. The founder is an E-commerce specialist and digital marketing expert who is committed to bringing affordable marketing tools to tech startups and small businesses.

The software is a simple and powerful Onsite Retargeting platform that helps clients increase lead conversion on their website. OptiMonk has plenty of awesome features and powerful tools that any client can use even without prior experience.

Optimum Conversion With OptiMonk

OptiMonk is great digital marketing software and the company is trusted by over 3000 E-commerce sites. The software is popular in the digital marketing community because of its simple to use interface and reliable performance.

OptiMonk equips clients with a number of useful tools and technology to help them increase lead conversion and site retention. The software helps to recover lost leads and converted site visitor to potential customers with targeted messages that are based in their activity on the website.


Feature-Filled Digital Marketing Software

Exit Intent Technology is one of the features present in OptiMonk. Exit Intent Technology gives clients a second chance in retaining and converting website visitors to potential customers. The features allow the website to pop up a message or special offer to visitors who are exiting the website.

OptiMonk also has a Timed-Display Control that allows the website to detect inactive website visitors. The feature allows the website to send a popup to the inactive visitor after a set amount of seconds in inactivity. The software also has scroll triggering and is a feature that displays a popup to the website visitor after they have scrolled a set amount percentage on the webpage.

OnClick Triggering is also one of the features in OptiMonk. The feature allows the website to display a pop when a website visitor clicks a specific section of the webpage like a button, box, link or banner. OptiMonk also gives clients control over the duration and schedule of the retargeting campaign. OptiMonk also has Connected Campaigns that improve lead conversion by triggering specific popups to visitors who have been already targeted by prior campaigns.

Versatile Popups For All Audiences

OptiMonk has plenty of Campaign Templates and Formats that clients can choose from to help them build their campaign strategy. The Messenger Popup template is ideal for targeting mobile users and helps the client grow their email and messenger list.

The Lucky Wheel Popup template or prize wheel is best used for increasing conversion rate at the same the coupon usage rate of a website. OptiMonk also has Social Popups and Nanobars to help clients utilize the power of social media by allowing the website to pop-up a message the directs website visitors to the client’s social media account.

OptiMonk also has a template for an After-Purchase Popup that allows clients to thank their customers or allow them to ask for feedback to help improve services. Video Popup allows the website to use assets from youtube to help engage with website visitors.

Professional Templates And Customization

OptiMonk has a set of built-in templates that are specifically developed for desktop and mobile users. The templates allow clients to easily create engaging pop-ups within minutes. The templates also come in 10 color versions that help clients match their popups with their theme.

OptiMonk comes with WYSIWYG Editor that allows clients without HTML or CSS knowledge to create beautiful popups. It also comes with a CSS editor and clients also have the option to use Custom HTML or Javascript.

Targeting And Segmentation

OptiMonk has powerful tracking features that give clients an overview of the behavior of their website visitors. The software allows the website to recognize returning customers and send them targeting popups. OptiMonk also has features for Page Level Targeting, Geotagging, Engagement Based Targeting and Campaign Based Targeting that help clients fine-tune their popups according to the behavior of the website visitor.

OptiMonk is also helpful for E-commerce website as it allows clients to track the actions of potential customers using Cart Abandonment Recognition, Cart-Value Based Targeting, and Cart-Content Based Targeting.

Powerful Conversion Tools

OptiMonk is equipped with powerful tools to help increase lead conversion in the website. The software is equipped with Integrated A/B Testing and gives clients the ability to test the performance of onsite retargeting campaigns. OptiMonk also allows clients to conduct Unlimited Split Testing to test different designs and messages and evaluate the performance.

Easy Setup and Full Integration

OptiMonk allows clients to instantly use its powerful features with its easy one-minute setup. The software also has a newsletter integration that helps clients use existing newsletter software or integrate with upcoming email marketing programs. The software also has list segmentation that allows clients to easily use a separate mailing list.

OptiMonk can be fully integrated to popular E-commerce sites such as Shopify, WordPress, Joomla and many more. The software can also be integrated with Google Analytics.

Flexible Pricing For All Budgets

OptiMonk has plenty of subscriptions plans targeted for tech startups and small businesses. Clients can choose to pay monthly or yearly. OptiMonk also has several pricing plans that clients can choose from depending on their budget and requirements.



The many subscription options and packages available make OptiMonk an affordable marketing tool for tech startups and small business. The extremely powerful marketing tool gives clients access to features that can greatly increase lead generation and traffic conversion in their websites. The great number of templates and customization features allows clients to make popups that can be specifically targeted for their website.