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One For Humanity Coupon 2019

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One For Humanity Introduction

One For Humanity was born out of an idea when the company proprietor was in South America for a tour. She decided to participate in volunteer work for a family that specialized in creating handmade products ranging from belts, home decor, purses, bags, and accessories. What amazed her during the exercise is the fact that the family was philanthropic even though they didn’t have much for themselves. To her, this was the clear definition of having little yet gained a lot more, and her stay with the family proved to be a defining moment for her. In it, she saw a chance to provide sustainable opportunities for the family and give back to the community while at it. While the company was launched then, it was not until three years later when the idea finally came to fruition. She says the wait was necessary to come up with robust strategies.

Why Is One For Humanity The Best?

One For Humanity did not start operations until they had gotten their strategies right. What began as an idea took years of hard work, research, and extensive trial exercises to finally establish an ideal concept that would see the company operate with minimal struggle. Just like many companies, there were moments when the proprietor felt uninspired and even contemplated closing down and forgetting the idea. It took the intervention of her friend to have the company in operation finally. Her entrance into the company brought about a passionate zeal to see the company succeed and this is how the company has been able to create, assist, and inspire future generations.

You could create an account on the company’s official website and stand a chance to earn attractive One For Human discounts. Social media plays an important role when it comes to promoting brands and reaching a wider audience. This company has embraced various social media platforms where customers can learn more about their products. Privacy is essential especially when shopping online. Companies have the responsibility of ensuring that their customers are protected from cybercriminals. It is for this reason that the company has a robust privacy policy that defines what they do with information collected from their customers. Read it from their website to orient yourself with what it entails.



The One For Human website is easy to navigate. You do not have to be an IT expert to shop around or even find your ideal products. What’s more, it has different categories to ease your activities while shopping.


The company understands that economic times are hard and everybody’s budget varies accordingly. They have a variety of prices to ensure that each customer can access their products regardless of their budget.


All One For Human products is handmade from high-quality materials to guarantee durability. The company has a variety of products which include purses, bags, and pouches. Urban Expressions provides the best durable handbags. Get a 25% discount using Urban Expressions Coupon Code.


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