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Nuance Coupon 2019

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Nuance Introduction

With the recent developments in the technology and the introduction of artificial intelligence, the relationship between man and technology has strengthened. Nuance, a software developer company, builds intelligent systems to assist humans in different kinds of industries and domains. Their latest improvements and innovations in voice, natural language understanding, has integrated man’s everyday needs with technology to bring out the best efficiency from each task.

Why is Nuance Best?

A software application user from a non-technical background would not want to remember all the lengthy commands, or would not want to move through endless menus of options. What makes Nuance the best is the introduction of behavioral touch in their systems, by ensuring that the technology communicates just like the humans do. The key focus of all its software is to deliver what a user needs, rather than what he wants. Their user-friendly interface easily mingles up with different business needs and makes work efficient and effective.


Commands are Driven by Voice

No more bumping hours of lines on the keyboard. The Nuance products can be driven by your voice to give commands to create reports, emails, forms, etc. This helps in reducing the time taken to do a task. The translation is much faster and accurate with Dragon Professional software version 15.

Total Control Over Your PDFs

You can create and convert, edit and combine, sign and collaborate and much more in the same window with Nuance PDF software.

Clinical Advancement in Medical

Nuance’s Dragon One Medical Speech Software gives the clinicians a platform to capture the complete patient story in the EHR 45% faster and with 20% more relevant content.

Useful in Multiple Industries

The Nuance software can be used in multiple industries like Healthcare, Automotive, Legal, Financial, Government, Construction, Education, Utilities, Insurance, Journalism, Manufacturing, Retail, Telco, Travel, and Transportation.


Optical Character Recognition

  • Omni Page Ultimate
  • Omni Page 18
  • Omni Page 18 Russian
  • Omni Page 18 Polish
  • Omni Page 18 Turkish
  • Omni Page 18 Swedish
  • Omni Page Professional 18 Polish
  • Omni Page Professional 18 Turkish
  • Omni Page Professional 18 Swedish
  • Omni Page Professional Upgrade 18 Swedish

PDF Software

  • New Power Pdf Standard 3
  • New Power Pdf Advanced 3
  • Power Pdf Standard 2 Danish
  • Power pdf Advanced 2 Danish
  • Power pdf Standard 2 Finnish
  • Power pdf Advanced 2 Finnish
  • Power pdf Standard 2 Norwegian
  • Power pdf Advanced 2 Norwegian
  • Power pdf Standard 2 Swedish
  • Power pdf Advanced 2 Swedish
  • Power pdf Standard 2 Czech
  • Power pdf Advanced 2 Czech
  • Power pdf Standard 2 Hungarian
  • Power pdf Advanced 2 Hungarian
  • Power pdf Standard 2 Polish
  • Power pdf Advanced 2 Polish
  • Power pdf Standard 2 Russian
  • Power pdf Advanced 2 Russian
  • Power pdf Standard 2 Turkish
  • Power pdf Advanced 2 Turkish
  • Pdf Converter for Mac 6

Desktop Document Management

  • Paper Port 14
  • Paper Port Professional 14
  • Paper Port 14 Training Video: Getting Started with Paper Port

Dictation and Speech Recognition

  • New Dragon Professional Individual V 15
  • New Dragon Professional Individual V 15, Wireless
  • New Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, v6
  • New Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, v6 Wireless
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Home
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Premium
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Premium, Wireless
  • Dragon USB Headset
  • Dragon Bluetooth Wireless Headset
  • Nuance Power Mic

Education Software

  • Dragon Professional Individual, v 15 Education
  • Dragon Professional Individual, v6 Education

Software Upgrades

  • New Dragon Professional Individual, v15 Upgrade (from Premium 12 and up)
  • New Dragon Professional Individual, v15 Upgrade (from DPI 14)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 Premium Upgrade


The technology has taken an altogether different road towards integration with human needs and Nuance is the best pilot in the market to take you on the other side. The products increase your data accuracy and help you capture the relevant information only. No matter which industry you operate in, Nuance has a solution to all your technology related problems.