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MotoCMS  Introduction

MotoCMS is a website builder that helps you create great and professional looking websites that are responsive to your customers and extremely attractive. It comes with the latest technology to make the user experience unforgettable, a very high speed and it is also mobile responsive. You will simply love it. Using MotoCMS promo code build a professional website within minutes and it providing free trial also.

What Does It Offer?

MotoCMS is equipped with portfolio sites, e-commerce sites, and business sites, so as to handle all your needs. You will also find that it is easy to use, and will help you create a beautiful website for your business.

It will provide you with templates, which you will need to tweak and modify as per your specifications and needs. Then you can purchase the completed website and host it yourself, or use an external host.

How Does It Look?

The first thing that will come to your mind when you log on to the MotoCMS website is “sleek.” It has vibrant purple colors that dominate the website, intertwined with a couple of oranges here and there. Such a beauty.

You can then choose from a wide variety of languages, which is ideal for anyone in any part of the world. Clearly, something this beautiful will help you create an even more beautiful website. Remember beauty sells.

How Does It Work?

Once you log on to the system, you must input your personal details, such as email address, name, telephone number, etc. You then need to click on the get started button so that you can get into the action.

“Welcome to the future” those are the first words you will see when you get started. Simply magnificent.

The navigation bar will help you access the other pages on the website. There are many options on your right-hand side that will help in editing the web pages as per your specifications and needs.

Here, you will be able to edit the text in the pages, add some widgets such as galleries, images, sliders, iframes, maps, videos and even contact forms. This is how the design should be, so you will appreciate all of these options.

To add a new page to your website, you simply need to click on “Add new” there is a button on the top, in the left corner. You can then be able to add your page name and URL very easily.

The pages will keep loading each time you click on “Add new,” and you can then keep tweaking and editing each page as needed.

There is an option for preview, where you can have a look at the work you have done so far. This is an extremely handy feature in MotoCMS, as you can see where things are not working, or how incredible your website is looking so far.

Within the admin panels, you will find a design option, that will help in controlling the design of the website. You will also find the media library option, where you can find and manage all the media files on your website.

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In conclusion, what I can say is that this is a state of the art website builder that will help you create your dream website in the simplest form. All the templates are already laid out for you, all you have to do is edit as per your preferences.

There is no doubt in my mind, that this is where you will find a website builder that lives up to its promise. Try it. You will not regret it. Using MotoCMS promo code get 75% OFF on services and 15% OFF on all templates.