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ManageWP Discount 2019

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ManageWP Review

ManageWP is a solution-oriented service that has transformed the management of WordPress websites. This service was launched in January 2012. Its inauguration was a result of resilience, research, persistence, and dedication. The team behind this concept had struggled with website management before. They, thus, were keen towards finding an effective and affordable time-saving solution.

ManageWP was released onto the market after lots of research, development, and analysis. It is the leading and most prosperous management service for WordPress websites. ManageWP is efficient, affordable, and it makes management of many WordPress websites easy. Today, ManageWP manages more than 500,000 websites.

Why is ManageWP Best?

As technology advances, many transformations are expected especially in the business realm. Many entrepreneurs today are focused on scaling their businesses higher for various reasons. These include; increasing return on investment, maximizing profits, and promoting their brand. Others want to provide solutions to the target market and direct massive traffic towards websites. To achieve this, entrepreneurs have to put in lots of work, energy, time, and investment. Achieving these goals can be an arduous task without an effective management system.

Going by statistics, ManageWP saves clients 90,000 hours of work. As an entrepreneur, time forms an integral part of a business progression. By making use of the ManageWP service, entrepreneurs save a massive amount of time. They can use the same to lay down development strategies to scale their businesses further. Customer satisfaction is a major factor for entrepreneurs seeking effective website management systems. A massive number of customers have appreciated ManageWP so far. It is thus, evident that ManageWP is worth trying.


Unlimited Websites

There is no limit to the number of websites users can add to ManageWP. What’s more, this is free. All they need is to register using their email addresses.

Single Click Dashboard

Having multiple websites comes with different login credentials. Sometimes, website administrators have to store the same in spreadsheets. Many bookmark their sites for easier access, while others download password managers. This is not only challenging, it can be frustrating, inconveniencing, and time wasting. With ManageWP, this does not have to be the case. This service enables website administrators to sync all their websites in one dashboard. With a single click, admins can have a glimpse of all activity on their websites. This way they save massive time to concentrate on developing their brand.

A Partnership Between Clients And The ManageWP Team

The team at ManageWP believes in providing hands-on support to their clients. Besides, users can allow their customers to peruse through their dashboards. They do not have to disclose their passwords to actualize this.

Vulnerability Analysis

ManageWP comes with a well-equipped team who manage the vulnerability WPS database. Thus, the team is able to alert users immediately unusual plugin activity is detected. This way, users can put in place protection measures.


ManageWP pricing is customized depending on customer requirements. The team in ManageWp allows customers to first enjoy the service and pay afterward. ManageWP is committed towards efficient service delivery. This explains why ManageWP comes with zero setup fees and zero penalties if clients end the service. Payments are done on a monthly cycle.

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Cumulative Cloud Backups

Losing data can be very frustrating. ManageWP provides an off-site data storage which backs up information on hourly cycles. Users can also choose backup cycles according to their preference. This enables them to restore data in case their websites crash.


Entrepreneurs who value their time, money and energy want an effective website management system. ManageWP is efficient and provides users with convenience especially when managing many websites. ManageWP offers excellent features. Users can use them to grow their entrepreneurial entities and maximize profits.