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Maistra Discount Code 2019

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When it comes to traveling, it is essential to seek advice from experts. It may sound straightforward, but the logistics involved are far much more than you comprehend. It gets complicated when you are traveling to another country. The world has become a global market, and with the advent and consequent advancing technology, most information can be found on the internet. However, the authenticity of the data may be questionable. That will mean you need to confirm the information with the particular hospitality company. Genuine hospitality companies such as Maistra offer quality services. Their services are highly affordable. Besides, Maistra offers a 20% discount on all its hospitality services. Do not hesitate to get a discount with the Maistra discount code.

Maistra Introduction

The hotels take pride in their 50 years of service in the tourism industry; all which they have learned to deliver with Excellency, integrity and utmost excellent quality. The hotel has a collection of brands, all of which are premium and a raft of luxurious hotels. All this is with the aim of giving clients unforgettable stay – whether, through artistic or classic luxury, thanks to the most exceptional service and gourmet cuisine – different cuisines interpreted by outstanding chefs, to suit most sophisticated palates and best choice of wines redefines the extraordinary dining experience.

Why is Maistra Awesome?

Maistra is a hospitality company, best known for its high quality, perfect hotel and resort experiences. The hotel deals in accommodation as well as personalized services in Rovinj and Vrsar, Croatia. It features nine hotels and eight resorts, all of which are unique in terms of structure and superb facilities.

The setup of the luxurious hotel indulges all your senses. The hotels and spa are decorated with style and particular attention to detail making them the most favorable places for relaxation. They include exquisite spa facilities, authentic local experience, and impeccable fine dining all these aimed at giving you an unforgettable experience of Rovinj

Brands At Maistra

There are several brands. Let's see some of the beautiful places

Hotel Lone: An excellent choice for Croatia’s artist Croatia’s artists.

Hotel Adriatic: Display the artistry of Rovinj, a depiction of Local people’s love for the more exceptional things in life

Hotel Eden: Located in the century-old Park Forest, these hotels bring you the peace you most desire.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj: this new luxury Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj intertwines three elements perfectly – sea, park, and tow.

Hotel Monte Mulini: this luxurious hotel is known for its unforgettable service

Family Hotel Amarin: Offers excellent entertainment activities for children, while you relax or have fun with us! Pricing varies according to the type of accommodation you seek. Visit for more information.

Why Do I Suggest Maistra

The hospitality industry has proved its excellence in the tourism industry. With over 50 years in the industry, there is no doubt that the company has mastered all the art to make you happy. Besides, Maistra has a wide variety of services to offer. It caters for both local and international tourists. This implies that its facilities are world-class. With such a company, you will never be disappointed. Roomdi provides the best hotels at affordable prices. Get a £49 discount using the Roomdi Discount Code.

With expanded facilities, Maistra has shown that it has the capability of taking care of your whole family. With a luxurious and spacious accommodation room, there is no doubt you will be satisfied. Moreover, fun and sport are unforgettable. The company has some outdoor actives to make your visits livelier. Hotels Viva provides the best hotels for children and wellness. Get a 25% discount using Hotels Viva Promo Code.