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Lucky Orange Promo Code 2019

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Lucky Orange Introduction

Lucky Orange is an exceptional analytic tool that acts as the best alternative for google analytics. It is the second best web analytics service which is used worldwide by several companies. The free tool has been used to impose business intelligence standards. The tool has combined certain features that are suitable for computers and mobile phones. The platform endeavors to provide quality information for the users since it works with some funnel visualization techniques.

The platform works with certain tracking codes which are known to load faster from the web server despite having larger JavaScript files. The tracking code is also available for mobile users, and it can collect relevant data needed by the user. The free tool is able to send cookies to the users’ devices in order to gather anonymous Client ID information in order to examine any action on the performance of a certain website. The platform offers a lifetime free package for individuals, startups and small businesses as well as large businesses.

Why is Luck Orange Best?

  • It provides valuable information to the user concerning the success of the business as well as the reason behind customers not subscribing into the business.
  • It ensures 100% customers satisfaction concerning the detail information about the performance of a business.
  • It helps the user understand their visitors more since it outlines some of the reasons why they visited your business.
  • It helps business owners to make the informed decision about their business so as they avoid throwing their money away.
  • It helps in devoting marketing campaigns in order to help the business grow and expand.
  • It helps the owner allocate budget in a professional way since the tool is able to distinguish functional practices from the dysfunctional ones.
  • It has unique features that make it easier for users to troubleshoot any issues.
  • It has received so many testimonials and reviews ratings from around the world.
  • It is easier to install since it only involves simple clicks.
  • It offers free lifetime package hence very reliable and accessible to many users.


They include:

  • Advertising Reports
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Cost Data Import
  • Mobile Ads Measurement
  • Remarketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced Segments
  • Annotations
  • Content Experiments
  • Dashboards
  • Custom Reports
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Audience Data & Reporting
  • Browser / OS
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Flow Visualization
  • Map Overlay
  • Mobile Traffic
  • Social Reports
  • Traffic Sources
  • Universal Analytics
  • API
  • Filters
  • User Permissions
  • App Profiles
  • App-Specific Metrics and Dimensions
  • Crash & Exception Reporting
  • Google Play Integration
  • iOS and Android SDKs
  • Product Integrations
  • Attribution Model Comparison Tool
  • Data-Driven Contribution
  • E-commerce reporting
  • Goals / Goal Flow
  • Multi-Channel Funnels
  • Alerts
  • Intelligence Events
  • Event Tracking
  • In-Page Analytics
  • Site Search
  • Site’s Speed Analysis

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