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Coupon Introduction

It doesn't matter if you're a business owner trying to expand your presence and reach online, or just a guy or a girl with a blog or a portfolio trying to make it look as good as possible with little to no programming knowledge. Why would you spend time and money going to classes and paying expensive developer courses when LTheme can provide all those services for either free or just a little bit of money?

Why is Best?

They specialize and creating and delivering high-quality, beautiful and clean templates for both Joomla! and WordPress, both very popular content management systems that allow you to build your website exactly the way you want it. Instead of spending hours editing code and checking StackOverflow or w3schools to see what it all means – LTheme will allow you to customize their themes to the fullest in order to make them look specifically designed for your website, even though they weren't.


Full-Fledged Website Design or Landing-Page

Whether you're looking for a way to provide short, but straight to the point information to visitors of your website, or a website with multiple pages and various sections, the company has got your back. Many themes are free to use and edit for both WordPress and Joomla! and in most cases, you'll be satisfied with those.

A Wide Variety of Purpose-Built Designs

In case you're looking for a personal page and you're an electrician, artist, party and event organizer or a soccer player – you won't have to edit much. Many templates are built with a specific profession or business model in mind, and you'll only have to customize the generic data with your business information and the services you provide.


Joomla! Templates

Joomla! is a very popular back-end way of building your website. It's easy to use, and free and open-source, which means it's constantly upgraded for the better. Thanks to LTHeme Quickstart package, installing the framework as well as the template of your choice will take as much as a few minutes. Then you can get started with making custom edits to the page and your website is ready to be presented to the world.

WordPress Templates

Some people find WordPress to be better than Joomla! particularly because of a lot of blogs and websites that have millions of visitors a day use it. The updates are constant, the number of plugins you can use is almost countless, and the installation takes a few clicks at the most. Then, you only have to click on a particular element to edit its properties and get the result that you want.

All-In-One Developer Package

This package is for people that still cannot decide between these two platforms, or have websites built on both systems. This allows access to both Joomla! and WordPress templates with the same membership, which is perfect if you own multiple websites, or you're trying to test things out and see if the other platform fits you better.


There are three main packages for you to choose from. Free membership gives you access to limited number of templates, and if you're looking for a quick and easy solution to a lack of a beautiful website, this is the way to go. If you're looking for better-looking templates, as well as a Quickstart package and responsive customer support, you'll have to pay $29 one-time only. If you pay $10 more dollars, you're entitled to every feature previous one has, but a free install service too, so you don't have to learn or worry about that part at all. JoomlaShine provides Hi-Quality Joomla 3.x Templates & Extension. Get 30% discounts using JoomlaShine Coupon.


LTheme is offering a valuable service to many businesses that have dealt with customers offline up until recently. It's a perfect choice to avoid paying developers to create custom templates since you can choose one that is pre-built and already pleasant to your eyes, and edit it with information related to your business. Then, just publish it, and let the customers praise your skills and service online.  provides best Joomla Templates. Grab the latest discounts using Promo Code.