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Loganix Coupon 2019

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Loganix Introduction

Loganix provides Premium Link Building Services for SEO and Agencies. The Company is based in Vancouver Canada and was established in 2010. Loganix is an industry leader in Digital Marketing with over seven years of experience.

Loganix coupon offers a wide range of services to clients from Citation Audit, Cleanup and Citation Building. The Company also provides Digital Marketing solutions such as Guest Posts, Editorial, and Premium SEO. Loganix also provides Content Marketing, SEO Copywriting, and SSL Migration services to clients.

Why Trust Loganix?

 Loganix is an industry leader in providing SEO Services, and with more than seven years of experience below their belt, they are trusted by clients around the world from the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Loganix gives the clients the confidence in trusting their services with their 100% Money-Back Guarantee. The Company provides a full refund, including processing fees, if clients are not satisfied with the services offered.

 Loganix has flexible packages by giving the clients the options to choose the specifics of the services offered. Clients who want a straightforward solution can choose the full-service option provided by Loganix.

Services Offered

Citation Audit

Loganix provides Citation Audit services to clients. Citation Audit helps clients check existing variations of citations found in a search such as misspelled names, old phone numbers and incorrect address. The company provides industry-leading services with their highly efficient citation audit process that includes Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP)  Variations using manual and automatic searches.

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Citation Clean Up

 Loganix offers Citation Clean Up Services that helps clients fix issues with Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) Variations. NAP Variations can severely impact business by giving potential clients incorrect information about the business. Loganix offers a six-week cleanup campaign against NAP Variations making sure that directories have the correct information about the client.

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Citation Building

Loganix offers competitive, high-quality local citation building packages that give the clients the flexibility to choose services according to their budget and specified reach. The Company offers consistent and well-researched citation building campaigns that are specifically tailored to every client.

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Monthly Citation

 Loganix offers clients monthly link building plans that are high-quality brand name links. The monthly plan gives clients ten structured citations and 30 unstructured citations. Loganix provides a white-labeled report and daily rank tracking to keep clients updated with the performance of the campaign.

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Social Citations

 The Social Citation plan gives clients the ability to project their reach regarding citation to social media with manually created and randomly interlinked social profiles.

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Content Marketing and SEO Copywriting

 Loganix gives clients the choice of using their digital marketing expertise by offering services such as Content Marketing and SEO Copywriting. The Company gives the client a straightforward approach to creating engaging content for their target audience that can be accessed through popular sites. Loganix offers custom-tailored solutions to clients that is according the clients specifications, such as target audience, niche, and subject.

 Loganix has SEO Copywriting services that allow clients to create landing pages and blog content that are well researched and optimized. The company uses SEO techniques such as LSI and semantically-related keywords for a high impact blog post and landing pages.

Editorial Links and Guest Posting

Loganix offers clients world-class editorial connections to popular websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and HuffingtonPost. The Company offers Guest Posting services to clients to help them expand their reach and drive clients to their websites from popular websites. Loganix offers a guaranteed placement and also provides the content of the post for a direct stress-free approach to Guest Posting for clients.

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Premium SEO

Loganix offers a complete A to Z package in Digital Marketing Services with their Premium SEO package for clients who want a straightforward stress free approach in expanding their digital reach and presence. The Premium SEO package includes website audit and optimization of up to 10 pages and $150 for extra pages. The website audit provides the client with a comprehensive review of the overall site pages and coding. Improved Keyword research for optimized search engine visibility.

The package also includes Google My Business Optimization. Loganix creates or audit existing Google My Business pages for the client to ensure improved visibility in search engine rankings. Loganix also provides clients an option to expand to extra locations for $200 each.

Citation and Link Audit is also included in the package. The package also included professional copywriters with content up to 10 pages. Integration of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools is also included in the package. Loganix also provides full coverage of reports to ensure that the digital marketing campaign is meeting its goals and objectives.

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SSL Migration

Loganix provides clients with complete SSL Migration Service. The Company offers clients with worry-free full-service migration that keeps all the website data and SEO intact. Migrating to SSL can help improve traffic by protecting the site with encrypted an encrypted connection and improve customer trust in the website.

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Loganix provides a wide range of digital marketing solutions from simple website audits, copywriting services and SSL migrations. The packages Loganix offers are flexible according to the client's needs and budget. Loganix also has custom-tailored solutions for every client perfect for hard to reach niches or clients with specific requires. Loganix coupon provides digital marketing solutions with competitive pricing and industry-leading quality ensuring client satisfaction with every project.