Lawn Love Review 2019 | Simplify Your Lawn Care With Lawn Love

Introducing Lawn Love

If the words “lawn care” conjure up images of slaving away in the yard, then you need to make some adjustments. You need to simplify your lawn care so that you can have time actually to enjoy your lawn. A large percentage of American households that have a garden either care for it themselves or hire local lawn care providers. The landscaping industry has mainly remained undisrupted despite the global shift towards software solutions. While there is a significant number of lawn-care software, a large percentage of the lawn care businesses operate on word-of-mouth referrals.


Lawn Love is a lawn care platform that is designed to ease the process of finding, booking and paying for lawn care services. This platform eliminates the traditional, in-person practice of transacting in the lawn care industry. In an industry like lawn care that has remained unchanged for a long time, changing the status quo is not easy. Convincing customers to change the way they have been doing business for years and professionals to give a percentage of their fees to a third party takes time. This, however, is an innovative service with significant social impact. The business practice which is structured on the Uber model is also slowly catching on so it is only expected that Lawn Love will only keep on improving and growing one satisfied customer and employee at a time.

Features of Lawn Love

Seamless User Interface For Both Customer And Professional

Consumers are provided with a few options to choose from according to the kind of service they need. They then proceed to provide basic information about the location of the lawn and its size. From this information, the platform automatically generates a quote within minutes and provides a list of available providers ranked by their specialty and customer rating. The user can then select their preferred provider and schedule the service. On the employee side, the platform offers a list of available opportunities, easy schedule management, and absolute account control. Once a law care professional joins the platform, he/she gains access to all Lawn Love customers across the country. The employee can then check into jobs, re-quote properties and even suggest new services for customers.

Automated Price Quoting Technology

Traditional lawn care services models feature in-person transactions from quotation to payment. This takes a lot of time and can be very inconvenient for both customer and lawn care professional. Lawn Love can estimate and make a quote for a service without any of their employees having to visit the site. The quotation is based on the parameters inputted by the customer, and it can be revised by the professional if deemed inequitable.

Insurance Protection And Payment Processing Services

The platform processes payments for both the client and the professional and charges a flexible commission for each service. Pricing on Lawn Love is determined by the location and size of the lawn and the services being rendered. The average rate is about $40 per hour. Payments are typically processed in three to four days following completion of a job. Lawn Love ensures all transactions on the platform.