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Kranse Introduction

Cut-throat competition, competition everywhere, more job-seekers than job-givers. Such is the state of the world’s market in the 21st Century. To grab the best opportunity, and the perfect career option, you must plan better than others and execute your plans well.

Kranse is an expert in the field of educating the experienced professionals as well as the fresh students for the best colleges in the world. It offers the digital preparation courses including SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, ACT, and GMAT, taught exclusively by the perfect scorer, Shaan Patel, who also happens to be the founder of Kranse. Kranse has produced some outstanding results in their field of expertise. They have had 9 perfect scores so far with an average SAT score point improvement of 210. It is now used by more than 62,000 students all over the world.

Why is Kranse The Best?

A good teacher is one who understands the students’ mindset and devices the teaching strategies accordingly. Shaan Patel, the developer and founder of Kranse was once a student himself and is aware of the difficulties faced by the students. Being a perfect SAT scorer, Shaan has devised the smartest study tool for a below average student to get a good score. The focus of Kranse is on the concepts rather than rote learning. The ideology of Kranse is that if the concepts are clear, students can tackle any kind of pressure and question during the exam. The software comes with bite-sized videos which increases the engagement of the students. The videos are crisp and to the point. No other preparation provider offers a guarantee of the score improvement except the Kranse. Apart from all these reasons mentioned above, what makes Kranse the best is the accessibility and value which they offer. The course material is available for 18 months from the date of purchase which gives the students a flexibility to choose from 9 different test dates.


260 Pre- Recorded Lectures: There is a lecture for each concept. The software comes with more than 260 lectures explaining in detail each concept.

Comprehensive Score-Raising Strategies: You can track your performance and compare the results using the comprehensive score-raising strategies.

540 Day Access: Kranse can be accessed for a period of 18 months, giving the students enough opportunity to plan their exams well.

Accessible on Any Devices with Internet Access: Make a purchase and use the software on any device, be it mobile, laptop, or a tablet.

Students of All Levels: Kranse is available for experienced professionals as well as for the freshers.

Immediate Access After Purchase: Make the payment and dive into the world of education without delaying your dreams anymore.

Score Improvement Guarantee: Unlike any other online preparation software, Kranse comes with a guarantee to improve your score. If it doesn’t, you can claim your money back.

Convenience to Study Anytime, Anywhere: Kranse is an online preparation software and this makes it accessible anytime, anywhere. So, you can be flexible with your preparation.


Kranse students have been admitted to the top-notch schools of the world. There have been admitting students in the Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale, Duke and many more. If the numbers speak well, 97% of the Kranse students have reported a score improvement and 93% of the parents are satisfied with the preparation they offer. With the mobile app, the preparation takes a different level. The students can use the Kranse software on their mobile devices as it is compatible with both tablets and mobiles.