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KidArtLit Coupon 2019

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KidArtLit Introduction

Most of us consider having kids to be an ultimate achievement in life. It means we're happy with our partner, and want our family line to continue, and having children is amazing is one of the best feelings in the world. However, there are a lot of hardships that come with that, especially if you're both new to the experience, or you have to work and be busy, but you certainly don't want your kids to suffer in the process. You as a Mom or a Dad certainly can't be at two places at the same time, but KidArtLit can take your place at one of them – your home.

Why Is KidArtLit The Best?

The ease of use is definitely among the main reason parents decide to go for the services this company offers. A subscription package arrives at your front door every month with no effort on your side, and it builds up excitement and family spirit within your children, sparking curiosity to see what's in this month's package. On top of that, since owners of the company are parents and educators themselves, they have used their expertise in the field to keep your kids happy and occupied for a long time while providing a valuable learning experience.


A Box A Month For Family Arts And Crafts

Everything that's required for the art book is contained within the box, and of very high-quality and resilience, not prone to wear and tear. You'll have nothing to do as a parent since both the guide and the materials are provided and expertly designed to be stored away until play time arrives again. Not only will you have more time for yourself, to read, learn, work, or relax, but your children will be grateful and remember what you did for them, even though it was mostly KidArtLit's responsibility.


Digital Memberships

The newest addition, but very popular among parents in today's day and age. It's also the cheapest around, and for a predetermined monthly price you'll receive printable pdf documents into your e-mail inbox every month, which you can then print out, or view on a tablet or PC with a bigger screen, but the first option is the intended one. It contains art guides, letters, games, questions, and everything your kids need to be stimulated mentally and physically.

Spark And Deluxe Memberships

The two main memberships that are based on a subscription service mentioned above. The differences are very small, with Deluxe membership containing two kits – Ready-Set-Go, and Deluxe Art, while Spark is meant for kids with shorter attention span, requiring a quick guide on how-to, as well as quick art kits and all the supplies required for the task. All of them, however, contain necessary delivery boxes, extra kits, and hardback picture books your kids can see and read for hours on end, and never be bored throughout.


The exact pricing depends entirely on the kit you pick in the end, as well as the number of months you want to purchase the membership. The more you take, the more money you'll save, and the cheapest choice is digital membership, of course, costing $15 a month, and you can cancel it anytime. Spark membership starts at $36 a month, and if you pick a year upfront, the price will drop to about $30 a month, which means you'll get two months free! The Deluxe one is the most expensive, with a cost of around $52 a month, unless you apply a discount code or a promotion, that is.


KidArtLit has picked up a lot of praise from thankful parents that are either busy or just aren't creative enough to follow their kids' active, quickly growing imagination and interest in different things. For best results, it's always recommended to either download the free printable example, or start with the digital membership and print the booking goodies yourself before moving onto more expensive clubs.