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Jetpack Discount Code 2019

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In the time we live today, having a website for your portfolio, blog, or business is essential. It will help with reaching a larger audience, providing valuable information so that the customers can find and reach you. Responsive website, attractive and functional design, and the security of data is every great website has. But why pay hundreds of dollars for designers, coders, and marketing, when there is a better way? Jetpack discounts of $200 OFF and a variety of promo codes and promotions are what can make you a successful website owner without breaking your bank.

Why Choose Jetpack?

So, what's the best part about Jetpack? For one, you won't need a special course or expert knowledge of design or programming to get started or achieve great results. That's already a benefit right away, and a huge money saver, so that you can profit off your project as soon as possible. Additionally, this WordPress add-on allows you to have full control over your website security, traffic, and full content, whether that's text, movies, pictures, or anything else. Furthermore, better response time and a larger number of searches for your posts will bring in more revenue, and all of that, and more is available via Jetpack.

Jetpack Features

Design The Best Website

Let's face it – your website visitors won't care about the code of your website, and how hard you worked to make it the way it is. What they do care about is the design, whether that's for a business website, a portfolio or a blog. You're in luck because there are hundreds of free and Premium themes for you to pick. And best of all – after you take an idea, you have full access to customize it in the way you wish. Widgets, images, embedded media, color choices, patterns, and layout – it's all up to you. Incredibly, no coding knowledge is required, just click-to-edit, or drag-and-drop.

Add High-Quality, High-Resolution Content

Going further, whether it's your travel blog images and videos, or product pictures, they need to be sharp and of high-quality. But higher resolution means more storage wasted, and in the result, a slower loading sped. Don't worry, as Jetpack has your back – you can embed the photos without losing blazing fast speeds or blurring them. Same goes for videos, as you'll have no watermarks or ads unless you add them for revenue.

Schedule Posts For A Worry-Free Experience

While we're on a topic of you traveling and not being at home, there is a perfect solution to this problem that used to be dominant. Jetpack benefits are great in this case, as you can automate the process of posting any content, both on your website directly, as well as social media you own. Just pick a time and date, and relax, as your audience will get the data in time. On top of that, you won't have to pay for any additional images or videos, as there is a Google Photos integration, as well as a massive choice of copyright-free images you can add.

Have Insight On Website Data For Best Marketing

Why pay others to do your marketing, when everything is at your fingertips? Just open a part of the plugin dedicated to the stats on reach, daily visits, comments, and followers. Analyze your best and worst days, and change things accordingly. And best of all, you can see the way people found your website! With that data, you can enhance your site search with a for faster and better results with Elasticsearch-powered service.

Mobile-Friendly And Compatible

The plugin is fully compatible with a plethora of devices, so if you're away from your computer, you can still have full control over content. Whether that's fixing errors, tracking performance, adding photos directly from your device or answering last-minute comments to increase engagement, it's entirely possible and convenient on a smartphone or a tablet with the Internet.

Maximum Security And Uptime

The features of Jetpack make it paramount that your website is online and reachable 24/7, 365 days a week. Also, you will be protected against spam of those annoying bots' comments, brute force attacks from the competition, or bad code. You can do updates, or you can let the plugin automatically perform them so you can focus on content. If any problem occurs, a notification is sent to you immediately after it happens, so that you can deal with it and call their world-class support if needed.


In the end, as you just found out, you can stay in touch with your precious website anytime, anywhere, from any device. And because it features powerful backup solutions to prevent any harmful attacks or a potential disaster, you're entirely safe. Now that you're sure that every part of owning a website is taken care of, it's time to decide on a subscription plan. Of course, you can always choose a free version with limited possibilities. For best results, pick a program that can cost from $3.50 for personal use, or up to $29 a month, intended for organizations. But wait, that's a regular price, and you're not a regular customer, because you have a Jetpack promo code that allows for a discount of up to % off, so use it wisely and quickly!