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Iolo Discount Coupon 2019

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Iolo Introduction

Iolo Technologies has created and developed a patented technology which makes them an award-winning software company in the digital security field. The software that not only protects, it repairs and optimizes any computer or digital device. The company has its presence in 33 countries and products supporting 11 languages. It has more than 10 million users who use their PC optimization, security and data recovery software. The company is well known among individuals and industries too. The main product of the company is System Mechanic®, which is sold via more than 23,000 retail storefronts around the world. You can also purchase a license from giant e-tailers like Amazon, Wallmart, and so on.

Iolo Products

Phoenix 360

Phoenix 360 is the ultimate package of 7 integrated software products and multi-device applications that optimize the speed and stability of your computers, identify and remove malware, viruses, adware, and spyware, protect and secure your online presence. You can also use anonymous browsing allowing you to stop tracking your searches, securing the passwords, etc.

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System Mechanic Professional®

System Mechanic Pro is an upgraded version of System Mechanic. It allows you to protect and fine tune your computer automatically. System Mechanic Pro is an award-winning product for security and tune-up. Its automated tune-up, Active Care, Privacy Cleaner, and Live Boost help you secure all your devices that run on SMP.

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Privacy Guardian

Privacy Guardian allows anyone to browse anonymously. It alerts you when you are being tracked or someone is trying to collect information about you from your browsing or your computer. Privacy Guardian gives you the best protection from the most sophisticated type of tracking. Digital Fingerprinting – cookies based tracking which blocks the threat. It is the only company which provides such kind of technology, even VPNs are not providing this service.

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ByePass s a simple and secure automated password management for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. ByePass helps protect your online identity by protecting your passwords from hackers. It helps you simplify the password management process across all of your devices. With the help of ByePass, you never have to remember or type passwords again. It also gives you a credit card encryption feature to secure your online purchases.

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Search and Recover

You can recover your lost data with the help of Iolo Search and Recover. You can get accidentally deleted documents, music, photos, emails, system files and even folders easily. You can restore data from hard drives, CDs, DVDs, cameras, MP3 players, flash drives, memory cards, etc. Not only it recovers the data but it keeps the backup of the important data so that you don't have to restore or find the lost data again and again.

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When it comes to selling your old devices or computer, you need to make sure that none of your data is recovered again from the computer by someone. Now you can secure your personal information and data even when you sell, donate or recycle your computer. DriveScrubber permanently deletes your hard drive data and ensures that your private files and data can never be recovered again.

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