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Infusionsoft – The Sales Manager Of The Future

Infusionsoft is here to help you with all your sales and marketing needs. It is created for those companies that are ready to take the next leap and are ready for something more. Infusionsoft has you covered with your, Marketing Automation, CMS, Sales Automation, Integrations, Online Sales/Store, Analytics, Mobile and Payment needs.

Unlike other sales and marketing platforms, Infusionsoft focuses on small businesses and helps them grow at an exceptional rate. Infusionsoft achieves this by helping these startups/small businesses with technology, sales, and marketing strategy.

Infusionsoft was founded back in 2001 by Scott and Eric Martineau, and since then Infusionsoft has overcome a lot of challenges. With their in-depth knowledge about the workings of a small business, they can help your business grow at a healthy pace.

The Many Infusionsoft Products To Choose From


Customer Relationship Management is crucial to any given business. And a company has to keep it organized in order for its business to grow. Infusionsoft’s CRM lets you in on every detail about every customer, including their last purchase or conversation with you. The extensive contact management collects important data related to your leads and organizes your contacts, saving you hours of work. Use the list of Infosoft’s CRM advantages to your company’s benefit…

  • Contact Management
  • Data Management
  • Segmentation
  • Infusionfost Mobile

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Infusionsoft’s detailed Analytics helps you keep track of changing trends. With accurate analysis, you can see what’s working out for your company including your last email, webpage, and campaign. Infusionsoft’s sales and marketing reports show you the numbers that you are looking for so that you can make many more informed decisions. Infusionsoft Analytics are further broken down into…

  • Marketing Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Admin Reports
  • Order and Billing Reports

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Marketing Automation

Infusionsoft’s motto of “work smarter, not harder” is what makes it the most simplest tool for your business out there. With Inusionsoft’s Marketing Automation you can transform how you work with improved engagement with ease. Keep a note of who is visiting your website often and then set automated emailer responses with deals and offers. You can choose from Infusionsoft’s list of Marketing Automation tools such as…

  • Campaign Builder
  • CRM Integration
  • All-new Landing Pages
  • Website Tracking
  • Statistics And Reports

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Sales Automation

While leads are good, paying customers remains to be the best. You could spend a fortune on a sales team or you could use Infusionsoft’s Sales Automation for less than half the cost. With Infusionsoft’s sales management software running in the background you are in for a good round of sales! The following features make the Sales Automation tools all the more exciting…

  • Lead Scoring
  • Quotes & Orders
  • Pipeline Management

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Online Sales

Your company’s website can do more than you know. Let your website do the selling for you, let it be your storefront, shopping cart, and order forms. With Infusionsoft’s customizable templates you can design a selling theme for all your different products, services, and subscriptions. Infusionsoft’s smart algorithms make sure that you will never send a mail about something that you have already purchased because of the Online Sales and CRM’s seamless integration. The following tools help makes the check-out process lot easier…

  • Flexible Tools For Creative Ideas
  • Total Control Over E-commerce And Payment
  • Post Purchase Automation
  • Product Commissions

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Infusionsoft's Pricing

Get Infusionsoft, an all in one tool. Doesn’t matter if you are dealing with 500 customers or 100,000 all you need is one tool that can help you make a personal connection with every single one of them.

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Support and Contact

Call: +1 866 800 0004


Sales: [email protected]

Accounts Receivable: [email protected]

Investor relations: [email protected]

Report email abuse: [email protected]

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Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing platform that has the capacity to work with thousands of day-to-day used apps. It helps you to get more organized and deliver impeccable services, which will in-return help you close more sales. Start handling your customers like a boss with Infusionsoft.