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Improvely Coupon 2019

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Improvely Introduction

If you are working day and night and unable to track the results of your online marketing advertisements and campaigns then you are losing your efforts. Here is the solution Improvely is a multifunctional tracking suite that monitors the conversion results and detects the frauds in online marketing campaigns. It helps your marketing process and lets your team productivity increase. It has a few best features and tools to measure and maintain the sales performance based on the marketing campaigns. As mentioned it is multifunctional that helps in detecting frauds, landing page split testing, affiliate marketing and per click conversion tracking.

The suite is suitable for agencies and departments who want to optimize their marketing strategies, control the marketing budget and increase their revenue. This software can be used by different types of users, from large agencies to SME's and startups.

Why is Improvely Best?

It’s a challenge to detect the conversion when there are multiple campaigns. Improvely detects the source of the activity and each sale signup to track the source. It detects whether the conversion is happening through your marketing efforts or other channels. It functions on Google, Facebook ads, Bing ads, taboola, Twitter ads and AdRoll.

Improvely helps you determine the effective pages and channel to improve your business and cut the extra cost on unnecessary landing pages, keywords and ads. Improperly has fraud monitor feature that makes sure that the click is not coming from suspicious activity. It helps channelize the data to real people to make sure the effectiveness of the campaign is real and valuable. It detects the action that can lead to conversion, whatever source it may be. This makes it easier to gather more customers and leads.

It’s a web-based platform so don’t have to install anything, it can be accessed using any device you have. You are entitled to receive all the latest updates without purchasing or downloading the program. It helps you manage the social media sites, marketing campaigns and SEO altogether. It helps you gather analytical reports on online marketing and campaigns,


  • Conversion Tracking
  • Click Fraud Monitoring
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Agency and White Label

Conversion tracking tracks all the clicks, conversion and revenue from your campaigns. It allows the user to generate the traffic reports and also can custom built the funnel reports. In this way, you have ease and access to generate the reports for analysis to detect the unnecessary channels.

The fraud monitoring helps you detect the suspicious activity and cause of loss of your revenue through fraud ads. It also helps you in the recovery of revenue from PPC ads. It blocks and detects the fraudulent clicks by generating the reports and funneling it for the user to detect the source.

Affiliate marketing features integrate with multiple affiliate programs and track the revenue sources through your campaigns. Now your clients will love you with the custom built reports and presentation you can present your clients with all the services mentioned under your brand.


Don't waste your efforts. Get Improvely today so that you can track your revenues and block the frauds from taking away your revenue. You deserve to harvest fruits of your hard work. Help your business and campaign with the suite and track all the revenue sources