HuddleBoard Review | Online Whiteboard For Real Time Meetings & Collaboration

HuddleBoard Introduction

We are living in a world where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used as regular, every day, technologies. But still, we have not been able to make remote working and remote learning any easier than they were a decade ago. With many disintegrated technologies in place, there was not a single solution for the unique requirements of the people always on the go. However, this situation is set to change very soon with the release of HuddleBoard – a versatile platform by HuddleIQ for all the needs of remote workers and learners. From, Calling and conferencing for work to learning interactively, HuddleBoard has got as many applications as we can imagine. So, let us move on and see what HuddleBoard has in store for its users that make it such a versatile platform.

Virtual Whiteboard

A virtual whiteboard is a blank space that can be used as a physical whiteboard in a meeting room or a classroom, where the person leading the discussion can write notes on the board, and these notes will be visible to all the others that are a part of the debate, in real-time. Although, this Online Whiteboard will give you the ability to do much more with it than simply writing on it. It will come with a drawing toolbar that will allow the user to undertake advanced designing projects, as well. And the best part about it is that you can design in collaboration with other people, IN REAL-TIME!

Document Sharing

While studying with your peers or working with your colleagues, when you get stuck or simply need to refer a document, HuddleBoard will give you the capability of uploading (or drag-n-dropping) the required documents, spreadsheets, Presentations, or PDFs, from your system or cloud storage in just a few clicks. And after uploading the required documents, you will not have to continually switch between tabs to continue working because HuddleBoard will give you a screen-on-screen view of the board and the material together for more intuitive working experience.

Image Explorer

The incorporation of visual learning aids in an online class will become an easy task for the teachers with the introduction of HuddleBoard. Along with education, the in-built image search option will also give the remote job-holders, a more organized and interactive approach for their online presentations and meetings.

Chat And Audio Conferencing

HuddleBoard will take away all the unnecessary delays in communications that are now a given for the emailing culture in almost all the companies around the world. With the features of chat and Audio conferencing, the current remote work scenario will be taken a level higher in its interactiveness. Also, these two functionalities will be nothing less than an asset to remote education as well. It will allow the learners to discuss their lessons and clear their doubts in real time with their peers or their educators or both if they wish.


The polling feature of HuddleBoard will come as a cherry on top of all the features it has to offer. So if you want your employees’ opinions on a particular topic to avoid a time-consuming meeting or gauge your students' response to any topic that you taught, the polling feature will make it easier than ever. Just post a question with multiple choices and a time-limit for poll expiration and the dynamic polling feature of HuddleBoard with present the results to you automatically.


HuddleBoard will revamp the way online learning and remote working are perceived in today’s world. So even though you’re a corporate, a startup or a learning institute, HuddleBoard can seamlessly integrate itself with your remote teams and help them achieve their goals, collaboratively.