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Hotel Beds Direct Coupon 2019

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Hotel Beds Direct Coupon Introduction

Welcome to Shop HBD; your number one seller of hotel beds. Shop HBD is an authorized distributor of Stearns & Foster, Sealy, Sherwood, and other types of beds that are found in the hospitality business. It has a very efficient website that makes it very easy for all customers from all parts of the world to buy and have fun choosing the best type of beds that will suit their resorts and hotels.

The beds sold at Shop HBD are very unique. You will never find them in physical stores. The company was initially opened in 2005 and it had a brand name Miles while you sleep. It is a company that offers the best hospitality beds from the leading developers. These are beds that will make customers and travelers enjoy their nights when they visit your hotel or resort. Grab the best mattresses & platform beds in the market using the latest eLuxury Coupon.

Why Choose Shop HBD?

  • All products are sold ate reasonable and favorable prices. There are no hidden costs.
  • The process of making orders and shipping is easier and more efficient with Shop HBD.
  • Customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed.



Quality is a feature of all the beds that are sold at Shop HBD. This is a factor that spearheads the operations of Shop HBD. Shop HBD ensures that the beds that are sold in this company are made of high-quality materials and elements. This makes the products very unique and durable.

A technology that is used in the development of the mattresses is the introduction of covers that are infused with cashmere. The mattress covers have a very new design known as the Fleur-de-lis which makes them get soft as they age. On top of that, the mattresses of the beds are enriched with natural latex and a memory foam that will comfort the customers every time they sleep. It does so by resisting compression.

Eco-wool and cotton are also some of the elements that are used in selected models. The elements give these models an ability to support softness and breathability abilities. They are pre-stressed, high-density, and the durability is enhanced by upholstery foams which have a furniture grade. Finally, the quality of these models is toped up by foundations that are wrapped in linen. The linen is retrieved from peekaboo raspberry fabrics and all that improves luxury.

Innovation, Style, and Craftsmanship

All Shop HBD products are crafted by well-trained personnel. On top of that, the company is always conducting research to find ways through which it can improve its beds and mattresses. This is why you will find that the company is the only one that sells products that carry the best brands on the planet.


I once visited the Bacara Resort and Spa in 2017. The company gave me a room that had a bed that had been purchased from Shop HBD. My night was awesome and comfortable. If you own a hotel, it is important for you to buy beds from Shop HBD. Your customers will be happier and will enjoy comfortable nights. Grab the best organic beds and natural mattresses using the latest plushbeds coupon code.