Proxy Hub Review – Affordable Private Proxy Site With Unlimited Bandwidth


Proxy Hub

Proxy Hub is a trusted proxy site that offers high anonymous HTTP proxies with unlimited bandwidths. It's proxy server which works best with all kind of SEO tools and social media accounts. Additionally, it has a replacement warranty for any dead proxy to avoid any interruption a user can face. More Less

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What is Proxy Hub?

Proxy Hub founded in 2008 with an official website established in 2012 is the most affordable private proxies’ provider. This quality proxy website has gained immense popularity and has become a leader in innovation for users in the industry that provides high anonymous proxies. It is a premier service that offers elite anonymous proxies for great prices. They offer a very fast and legit proxy with great customer support that makes them the first choice as a proxy provider.

Why choose Proxy Hub?

Proxy Hub website offers high anonymous HTTP proxies with unlimited bandwidths. Their servers are located in Europe and USA with proxy up to 100 threads which are quite good for SEO tool. There are various other features that this proxy site offers like:

1. No restriction to use SEO tool – This proxy server is completely SEO friendly and works best all kind of SEO tool like Scrape box, GSA, Ultimate Daemon, BMD, etc.
2. Provides unlimited bandwidth
3. Proxy is social media friendly – works with all kind of social media accounts
4. Always upgrade to fresh IP’s every month
5. Gives an amazing quality support
6. Non-Sequential IP Range

Pricing & Refund Policy

Proxy Hub provides two kinds of private proxies: Dedicated private proxies for individual use and semi-dedicated private proxies for sharing up to 3 clients. Both the types of proxies have different packages, and features, depending upon a user requirement. The company also gives three days money back guarantee on their first order so you can test their service beforehand. You can even contact their team for a customized or bulk private proxies package.

1. Package for Semi-Dedicated private proxy – shared with a maximum of 3 clients

proxy hub semi dedicated - startupworld

These types of proxies are also known as shared proxies that allow other users, which can create a privacy issue for other users. They have five different packages depending upon the number of proxies required starting with a minimum of 10 private proxies to maximum 100. All of their five plans include email and live support, multi-subnets, dead proxy replacement, unlimited bandwidths, etc. The package with minimum ten proxies is available for $10 month with the most number of proxies package in $90 per month that includes 100 proxies.

2. Package for Dedicated private proxy – available for individual use only

proxy hub dedicated - startupworld

This type of proxy also has five different plans starting from $20 per month for ten proxies to $185 per month for 100 proxies which are quite expensive as compared to the semi-dedicated private proxy but maintains completes privacy in web browsing or other online activities of a user as it’s dedicated to just one user.

As Proxy Hub offers two types of private proxies, so it totally depends upon your need as to which one will be most suitable for your kind of work. For example, if you wish to share data and information with other users than buying a semi-dedicated proxy is a good option. Their pricing package gives full flexibility to their customers to choose the most suitable package for them without any limitation or waste of money. Their package choice gives their customer the necessary flexibility when it comes to taking a decision as to which is the most suitable package for them without any limitations and saving them money as well.

Additionally, the company is also giving warranty for any dead proxy which is then and there replaced immediately to avoid any interruption a user can face. The best part is that company allows its customer to cancel their subscription anytime they want to give their users more importance.

Final Conclusion

To be honest till now whichever proxy site we have reviewed this one looks more promising with regards to its attractive package that comes with fast and legit proxies. Besides this, the company also offers great customer service available through a phone call, live chat, Skype call and online support to help their customers from simplest step like setup process to the more complicated proxy issues.