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000Webhost Introduction

000Webhost.com is a world leader in providing first class FREE web hosting services with no advertising & without any costs! They have millions of 000webhost users. Simply sign up and you're ready to roll. On top of that, You don't have to provide your credit card details in advance! If you are looking for a free web hosting, you should definitely go to 000Webhost. Most of the service providers in the market put a lot of adverts on your website to provide you free hosting. Whereas 000Webhost is totally clear from those adverts, you can put up your adverts on the website and earn money. Of course, there are limits what you get while signing up for free, but this is the best you could get in the industry.

When you sign up for the FREE Account, You can create a free website using Website Builder, WordPress or Direct Website Uploads, You get 1 GB of Disk Space and 10 GB of Bandwidth. You can manage your website through cPanel on the same platform. You can manage your databases, email files, backups, and FTP accounts too. Your files are automatically backed up on a monthly basis, a manual backup option is also available. You get 5 free email addresses and they can be webmail, POP3 or SMTP with spam filtering and an auto-responder.

Top Free Web Hosting Sites

When you look for free web hosting provider in the market, you will get to know a lot of web hosting service provider. But choosing the best is one of the most challenging tasks. You need to compare a lot of things before opting in for any of the web hosting for your website. Web hosting is entirely dependent upon the needs of the company or any individual. Let us make it easy and just choose your preferred web hosting for you.*


Core Strength of The Websites

  1. 000Webhost – It is one of the best web hosting services in the industry for beginners and SMEs.
  2. 5GBfree – You will have more options to use than any other service providers.
  3. x10hosting – Disk Space and Bandwidth is Unlimited for full growth of your website.
  4. FreeHosting – A lot of Disk Space and Bandwidth, If you are looking for medium-heavy traffic to your website, It can provide you the best solution.
  5. BYET Host – If you have decent traffic on your website on a monthly basis, this is the best option for you to try out.
  6. Award Space – Best for the low traffic websites or beginners.

*Rankings are based on the reviewer's understanding and preferences for the websites on the experiences.

000Webhost Features


1. Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is the main objective of 000webhost. It is completely free of cost. Free web hosting generally means slow website loading and a lot of adverts on your website. 000Webhost understands its users and their needs. They do not put up any adverts on your website by providing you the solution to put up your adverts and earn money. Any starter or blogger would like to earn money if he/she is starting the website. Every beginner would not be able to afford the hosting when they start. And making your website sustaining on itself is the main motive for you. So you can earn through your adverts and 000webhosting does the exact thing you are looking for. If you want a free website hosting, 000Webhosting id the best company for you.

2. Website Builder

You get a great Website for FREE when you sign up for your account. Ther are a lot of company does the same but what different here is you can not only drag and drop but you get a lot of add-ons to customize your website. You get Media Galleries, Vote Polls, News Publishing Systems, and many more. You do not need to learn coding or designing, you can build and customize your own website in few clicks through its SiteReptile Builder.

3. Disk Space and Bandwidth

000Webhost gives you a 1 GB of Disk Space and 10 GB of Bandwidth. This is Best you can get for a free web hosting. You get free 5 emails which can be webmail, POP3 or SMTP with spam filtering and an auto-responder. This means you can host your email on Google apps / Zoho or other email apps as well.

4. PHP with MySQL

000Webhost provides you the latest versions of PHP and MySQL Database which is up-to-date. It includes PHP mail Function, Sendmail, Curl, XML, Zend, GD2, Zend, fopen(), PHP sockets, Ioncube Loader, .htaccess & other PHP features and much more are fully supported! Using Cron jobs, you can execute a script at a certain time any number of times. Like say, send emails to every member of your site every week and do a lot more for free.

000Webhost uses the most advanced control panel in the industry. The control panel has so many features and it is very easy to use. While other free web hosting service providers charge for cPanel, 000Webhost provides it for free of charge.

5. Single Click AutoInstaller

000Webhost provides the most amazing tool for auto installation. It makes easier for the user to upload the scripts by just a few clicks. Basically, you can create and customize your website into a professional made with just a few clicks. With the help of Free Website Builder and AutoInstaller, you can create, customize and configure your website very easily.

6. Guaranteed Uptime

000Webhost is the only web hosting company that gives you 99% uptime guarantee for free and 99.9% for the premium package. They also have proof for that, unlike other free hosting sites which only make these facts up.


7. Weekly Backups

It is always suggested that you keep the latest backup of your data for your website. when you create your account on 000Webhostin, you will be given access to inbuilt backup feature to make sure that you don't lose your data. 000Webhost takes weekly backups automatically. It backs up your website data as well as your MySQL Database. You can take manual backups too with a single click as well as restore those backups. When it comes to backups, almost none of the top free web hosting providers give backups it as a free feature, so 000webhost scores here big time here.

8. Better Ad Support

One of the best parts of 000Webhost is that it allows you to run your own adverts.Most of the free web hosting services providers run their own ads and banners on your website and earn money through it. Not only you get free web hosting, you can really earn if you opt-in for 000Webhost. You can run Google Adsense as well as other advertisement programs as well.

9. Cheapest Premium

000Webhost Free Plan has most of the things you require or need to make and maintain your website, their free plan is free forever but you as the website grows, you will require more facilities to manage and maintain your website. Their Premium Plan is the best value plan in the industry, which starts from $3.49 per month and Business Plan costs $7.95 per month.

When you sign up for the premium plan, you get a free .xyz domain and ongoing web development assistance. Dedicated support team helps you with your web development as well. The Premium Plans also come with a 24*7 instant live chat support. Besides this, their tech support is helpful with migrating your websites from different hosts to their servers, free of cost.

10. 24×7 Support

While phone and live chat support are only offered to paying customers, they offer a support forum that is available 24/7 even for the free hosting customers. Apart from the customer service, their forum has a dedicated section for website building, where you can also get help with PHP, MySQL or any queries you have while trying to build your website. They also have different forums for Spanish and German readers.

000Webhost Premium Hosting


Unlimited Premium Web Hosting

If you need more control of your website hosting, you can always use Premium Plan. They have extremely low pricing for premium web hosting plans. They have two Premium Plans: Premium Silver and Premium Gold. You get unlimited website hosting resources and a free domain registration. Your website will be hosted on more powerful servers with automated weekly backups, dedicated 24X7 live chat support and 30-day full money back guarantee.

Powerful Business Web Hosting

If you are running a business and if you want to grow your business with business hosting, 000Webhost is very reliable for its 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can create and host big size websites, there are a lot of big companies using 000Webhost's Business Hosting Services and they are heavily satisfied with their experience. Forbes is also one of them. You can build your website in minutes and host with few clicks. Every business hosting account comes with major e-commerce features like dedicated IP addresses and strictly secured SSL certificates, as well as other business features such as Unlimited website and domain addon functions. Your website will have automatic weekly backups and you'll get full 30 days money back guarantee!

000Webhost Pricing

Superior price and top-notch premium web hosting features. 000Webhost is there 24/7/365 with comprehensive live chat support and auto backups. It is always secure, always ready to scale with your needs and desires.


Final Words

After looking deep into 000Webhost, I would suggest if you want to start a small or medium website, you should definitely go for it. It is one of the best free hosting service available in the market. It offers full PHP support and Instant Backups. You can always go for their premium plans after you are sure that your business is growing. Thier premium plans are the cheapest plans in the industry. Paid version or Premium Plans have the great features like Database Manager, DNS Support, Email Accounts and a lot. For example, if you are planning to start your blogging website, 000Webhost is the best solution for you. You can not get anything better than 000Webhost for free in the entire market. 000Webhost is the best option for someone who’s not familiar with building or running a website. Their core strength is the FREE WEB HOSTING PLAN that offers pretty much everything a paid plan would, with only a few limitations. It is an UNDISPUTED CHAMPION for free web hosting.


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000Webhost – A Leading Free Hosting Service Provider.
I would suggest a beginner or someone who is not familiar with the website building or managing should try 000Webhost once if he/she is planning to start an online business. You always have an option to go for premium plans if you see the growth in your business. They have the cheapest premium web hosting plans, starting from $3.49 to $7.95 per month.