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Host Havoc Promo Code 2019

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Host Havoc Introduction

Gaming is a very popular pass time for people of all ages. A gamer can spend hours in front of the screen playing games and trying to gain the highest scores. Games require servers to be played. There is the number of websites renting servers for games. On cannot rely on every other website. If you are a gamer who is looking to get your game server hosted with best quality services at the reasonable price, you should check Host Havoc. Host Havoc is a Canadian company working in Ottawa. To maintain a good level of quality, their team is striving hard to satisfy their clients with their services. Host Havoc provides web hosting and games server hosting services.


Host Havoc offers its clients renting services for servers of games. They have servers to host for mine craft, ARK, Arma 3, Counter-Strike, 7 Days to die, Conan Exiles, Dark and light, hurt world, Terraria and many more. Game server hosting services for these games are present at different prices. Mine craft servers are DDoS protected. And they are powered by SSD. They use BukGet to install plugins immediately. They give you full access to FTP and they easily work with all Mod Packs. One of their services, TeamsSpeak3, is used for online business, education and for social interactions along with gaming. TeamSpeak3 has the high-quality bandwidth and no branding. Host Havoc hosts websites servers as well as flexible packages.

Why is Host Havoc Best?

Host Havoc knows what a gamer needs. To meet all your need and to solve any problem, all the game hosting and voice hosting is done from the admin panel of Host Havoc. After the payment has been done, Host Havoc quickly starts working on the service you desired. Time is taken to get it processed depends on the size of the game file. Or else it takes just a few minutes to get done. Have you ever faced networks attacks while playing a game? They are very common. To get rid of this problem, Host Havoc provides services which are protected by DDoS networks. These networks guarantee good performance as they are using best bandwidth carriers.

The customer support team is working 24/7 to help you and guide you regarding any issue. You can live chat on their website as well. If you want to change your location on a game server, Host Havoc can do that too. You can select any location from the list present on the website and Host Havoc will provide you that. If you are not satisfied with host havoc services, you can contact them in 72hours after purchasing. Your money will be returned back as well. For reliable web hosting services visit ExcelNode. Get 50% discount using ExcelNode Coupon Code.


Along with gaming server hosting, web hosting services are also in demand as web developers are always looking for a place from where they can get their website hosted at reasonable rates. So, if you are someone looking for these services, Host Havoc has all that you need. TMDHosting is the best hosting service in the market. Grab the latest discounts using TMDHosting Promo Code.